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Besides paper editing services, we also have a blog we update with new interesting essays. We offer you to read this one is dedicated to addiction and how to fight it

What is the addiction? This is a much larger notion that you think it is. As a rule, people refer it to smoking or drinking but it occupies almost all the spheres of our lives and almost every person might be subjected to a certain kind of addiction. Such a myth concerning addition stops people from getting rid of them and it can turn their lives into the nightmare. That’s why our writers decided to share with you information they consider to be vital for those who can’t get rid of their addictions by their own means and require help.

As a rule, the symptoms of addiction is the desire to make a certain action which you can't resist. When it comes to the alcohol or drugs, it might even cause painful feelings and an individual experience pain throughout the whole body and it is called withdrawals. However, when we talk about other types of addictions, it might be less painful but still difficult to resist. This is a so-called excuse or way out of the problems you have and you deliberately do it and soon enough you get used to it and it turns into the addiction. There are a couple of additions that are not considered to be severe but still, they might cause certain troubles. By the way, on our website you can buy online essay at a low cost and the best writer from the UK will be assigned to your order.

  1. Computer Addiction. This is a much-propagated addiction and both adults and children can experience it. PC is an advanced toy that appeared a couple of decades ago and continues developing and elaborating new ways of people's entertainment. Unbelievably realistic games, VR-glasses and other things to make your time spend in from of the computer fascinating. However, soon enough this reality will seem you even better than the real world and you will be eager to spend time playing games rather than living. It might even result in certain psychological problems such as schizophrenia, hallucinations etc.  Most people just want to escape from this world to get into a new one, a better world they are able to do whatever they want. The books also serve to this purpose but why books do not cause addiction. The books force you to use your imagination to see the events and the characters of a certain book in your heard while computer games leave you no chance you create something and thus, you just take it for granted. Read more about the benefits of the reading so that you could switch from your PC to the books without hesitations
  2. Emotional addiction. You can experience satisfaction feeling or cause a certain emotion. For example, one of the most widespread problems connected with this addiction is fake depression. People convince themselves that they are depressed even though depression is officially a serious psychological disease. Thus, people cause depression artificially and to satisfy their needs. You can also cause negative or positive feelings to feel a sort of satisfaction. For example, some people can’t help arguing or humiliating others and this is a serious problem since sometimes they just can’t control their actions and it happens unwillingly. However, there are actual ways to resist your own emotions no matter how hard it might be since it will help you to get rid of this type of addiction.
  3. Gambling addiction. This is probably one of the most problematic types of addiction since this is both self-destructive and troublesome for the family and friends of the gambler. In the beginning, it seems innocent since the gambler spends only small sum of money playing but soon enough the bets will continue growing and when he or she loses everything, the gambler starts looking for the alternative ways to get money. As a rule, it is stealing or even assaulting. Unfortunately, such addiction requires special treatment. There is another serious addition we would like to mention, but we decided not to include it into our list since our writers already wrote a whole essay dedicated to internet addiction and we offer you to get acquainted with it

There is the addiction you might have heard about, let alone smoking, alcohol addiction and drug addiction. The internet is fulfilled with books dedicated to the treatment of such deviation, but sometimes the simple methods are enough to get rid of them. For example, a very good method to get rid of any addiction is to switch your attention to another type of activity like a sport or another hobby that will take all your time so that you have no time to think about your addiction. It will be difficult for the first two weeks but then, you will new hobbies will seem much more enjoyable than your addictions.

You can also introduce a so-called awarding system for some period of time you spend without falling prey to your addiction. For example, if you spend 24 hours without smoking a single cigarette, you can buy something tasty. If you spend a week or even a month, you need to come up with greater awards but still, this method is very effective since if you try to give up drinking or smoking because somebody tells you to do so, it won't work. People usually do something for the sake of some benefit or reward. Unfortunately, sometimes there are certain circumstances that coerce people to do it, for example, problems with the family or health etc. We hope our pieces of advice will help you to get rid of your addictions before it is too late. If you are a man, we have good news for you. There are more than 75 hobbies for men you would like to try to override your addiction. They will be much interesting to be engaged in than your addictions.

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