Essay About Internet: Are You Addicted To It?


In the last 10 years, the Internet became the very important part of our life. It seems, that everyone, at least, use the Internet to check the emails or visit the social network. Yes, sure, the Internet brings a lot of benefits to the users, for example, you can purchase different things via Internet and save your time, make different payments or to check the different information.

It is possible to spend a lot of time, saying about all benefits of the Internet, but there is the huge problem – the Internet addiction. If you wish to get more detailed information, you can find it in the internet security essay.

This addiction is the wish of the person to live in the virtual world and because of it, people cannot live in the normal life. Our expert writers will be glad to provide you with the essays about internet.

Why it is so dangerous?

The doctors say, that it is on the same level as the danger from drugs and alcohol. If you spend a lot of time in the internet, your brain is changing and it is difficult for them to learn new material and to work properly.

But there are a lot of other problems, which are connected to the Internet. People, which spend all time there do not know how to communicate in the real life with the different people. They do not want to meet their friend, because they want to see them via Skype, they can just send the email or call them and even order the things or clothes via the Internet instead of visiting some shops. They spend all their free time at home and because of it, the communication in the real time can be very difficult for them.

If they meet the new people, they do not know want to say and if they are in the strange company, where they know only a few people, they can have the real stress and it is difficult for them to be there. After these events, the people decide not to communicate with the different people and it can have the negative influence on their job or study. Such people can have a lot of problems with the sleeping. Some of them can sleep only 3-4 hours a day and because of it, they can have a lot of problems with the health.

The main kinds of the Internet addiction

1. The need in the constant communication

Here you can see the people, which can have some difficulties with the communication in the real life. They can find the virtual friends and start to communicate with them. Also, this communication is needed for the people, which are not confident and it is very difficult for them to show their attitude to the reality in the real life. But in the Internet they can show all their thoughts, because they know, that no one can tell them anything in the real life.

2. The need in the information

Some people can spend their life on the Internet, because they want to know a lot of information. They read the article, after that click on the different links, read the next articles and so on. It does not matter for them what to read, they just want to spend the time on the Internet and because of it, they continue to do it. If you wish to order Internet safety essay, you can do it on our site.

3. The game addiction

As you can see, there are a lot of different games on the Internet. You can find everything you like there. Why do people play the online games? Some of them just want to kill the free time, but for some of them it is very interesting to be on the first place and to reach this goal. There are a lot of applications, which can show the personal score or level and people want to be the first there.

4. Games for money

There are a lot of online games, where you can win a lot of money, but do you really believe in it? People can waste a lot of money there, have the huge debts and even forget about their families. But a lot of them believe, that there are a lot of ways how to earn money on the Internet.

Here you can check the symptoms of the Internet addiction and if you have some of them, it is required to contact the specialist, which can help you to return to the normal life.

  1. You are happy before every Internet session and without it you are sad.

  2. You do not want to walk or do anything else, your main goal is to spend the time on the Internet.

  3. You cannot communicate with the people in the real life, you do not visit your friends.

  4. You do not have the feeling of the time. It seems to you, that you spent a few minutes on the Internet, but in the real time, you can spend there a few hours.

  5. You can forget about all your home tasks, work and study, because you spend your time on the Internet.

  6. You visit different site without any purpose. A lot of people can visit the different sites with the purpose to get some information, which they can need at this moment, but the people, which have the Internet addiction can check different sites without any need in it.

  7. You can spend a lot of money on the Internet and your computer. Also, you do not want, that your family and relatives or friends know about this fact.

  8. You can feel, that you have some problems with your eyes, bones. It is difficult for you to sit, but you continue to do it. Also, it is possible to have the problems with the sleeping, because your brain should accept the different information and it does not have any time to relax.

  9. You understand, that your family can say to you, that you spend a lot of time on the Internet.

  10. It is difficult for you to control your reaction to the different events.

Because of it, if you have any of these problems, you should understand, that you have the Internet addiction and because of it, you need to contact the specialist. You will get the needed help and you will live better in the future. All information you can find in the essay disadvantages Internet.

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