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If you want to make sure we are able to write a narrative paper, check the latest update on our blog dedicated to the novel of Harper Lee “To Kill a Mockingbird”.

Among the greatest novels of all time, we would like to single out one we consider very interesting. This is the novel of American novelist Harper Lee “To Kill a Mockingbird”. This is one of the most prominent works of this novelist and probably one of the most readable. What caused so intense interest towards this one? First of all, the question of morality, humanity and the problem of discrimination is widely discussed in this one and it reveals the hidden human nature. By the way, before getting started, we offer you to get acquainted with the history of the slavery in America to better understand the plot of the novel.

All the major events occur in the unreal town called Maycomb. Main characters are the Finch family that combines Atticus Finch, a widower and a father of two kids, Scout and Jem. He is a layer and the entire town knows him since he does his best to help people, by all means, using the law. The novel, in general, is divided into two parts. The first one is mostly dedicated to the adventures of the kids and their newly arrived friend Dill. The second part is dedicated to the case of the Tom Robinson who was accused of raping the daughter of Bob Ewell.

This book draws special attention to the type of narrator, which is a little girl and all the events in the novels are considered looking through her eyes. From the first pages, it seems that this book is just an analog of Mark Twain’s “Tom Sawyer Adventures” but it's far from being true. Since this is a period of the Great Depression in the USA, the writer wants to show the life of ordinary people in ordinary town. However, then, the mystery begins. The ones who hear about this phenomenon for the first time should read this article dedicated to the Great Depression and its causes and consequences.

All the children in the neighborhood know that there is a Radley's house where a ghost lives. They make multiple attempts to find out what's happening inside the house but they fail. However, ones, playing with the tire, Jem pulled Scout on Radley's front yard and when she tried to run away she heard a laughter which scared her off. However, their ordinary lives are over, when her father takes that case of the black man that is told to rape Ewell’s daughter. Atticus Finch becomes the enemy of all the citizens since he agreed to protect a black man. Even his children feel this hatred at school and from their own relatives. Children at school try to dishonor her father saying bad things about him and Scout suffers most of all since she can’t pull herself together when her father is offended. However, one of the most aggressive offenders was Bob Ewell himself since he did all his best to convince people that his daughter is innocent and Atticus makes mistakes protecting this not even human being. It will be much easier to read knowing that you have no homework to be done. That’s why you better buy essay papers for cheap on our website and continue enjoying the article.

The second part is mostly based on a lawsuit against Tom which Atticus is intended to win. The entire trial was also divided into two parties. The first one is a white part of the town which is convinced that Robinson is guilty and the black part of the town which consider him to be innocent. In the course of the trial, Atticus found a couple of blind spots in the story of Mr. Ewell and his daughter and managed to provide almost unbreakable evidence but unfortunately, Tom was accused of being guilty and sent to the prison. Later, Atticus is informed that having made an attempt to run away, Tom was killed by the officers. He was deeply shocked by this news and went to tell Tom's wife about that. The justice itself is a very disputable term. If you need clarifications on this account, we recommend you to read our essay on justice at

After a couple of months, almost all the town forgot about this accident except Bob since he considered himself to be offended since Atticus questioned his words. When children walked home after school in the evening he decided to attack them and kids had no chance to survive but suddenly somebody appeared and killed Bob and saved the children. Jem was in a difficult condition and unconscious and the stranger took him home. When Scout reached home too, she said that somebody saved them. The whole family and the sheriff Tate gathered around the Jem’s bad, Scout saw somebody behind the door and it was Radley the Ghost which they were so afraid of. Leaving, Tate said that it was an accident and Bob fell on his own knife, the case is closed. By the way, our writers also have a thing or two to add to the topic of discrimination and its consequences for the modern society. All their ideas are listed in this essay

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