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Our best essay editing service team prepared a small guide for those who want to become a perfect coworker.

We spend a lot of time at work and all our flows are easily visibly since we spend hours communicating with people. A so-called "working habits' might seriously aggravate relationships with colleagues and decrease the efficiency. We have made up a short list of bad habits that might be peculiar to you or your fellow colleagues. This list is intended to make you a better person to work with.


In general, other people’s opinions should not bother you at all but in most cases, people take to close to the heart the opinion of society. However, in order to have a good reputation among the colleagues, you need to pay attention to the personal qualities people don’t like the most, for example, narrow mind, stubbornness, egotism etc. There is no need to talk much if you want to display your skills just do it.  Good reputation creates warm and close relationships with the colleagues.

Hasty decisions

Spontaneous or hasty decisions are the result of unpreparedness and lack of knowledge. Usually, such decisions lead to aggravating consequences for the individual, his/her colleagues and for the whole company in general. Beyond any reasonable doubt, any decision can lead to the mistakes but one can minimize the chance of the fault by means of precise planning.

Negative thinking

Most of your colleagues wake up every morning being embraced by negative thoughts. These anger, depression, and irritation are serious obstacles on the way to friendly relationships with the colleagues. It is much better to communicate when all the collocutors are happy and talkative.  Just try to control your emotions if you want to have perfect relationships with your coworkers. There are even more dangerous consequences of negative thinking singled out in this essay. Don’t forget to check it out.

You are not ready to change something

Most people have a common set of tasks to do every day and usually, it is a matter of habit since most of the actions are conducted automatically. If you want to be on the top, you need to apply to logic and imagination completing your day-to-day task. Nobody will single you out among others if you do the same amount of work every day.

Never Lie

This is the worst beginning of any relationships both business and personal. Any lie will be exposed anyway and you might destroy your reputation once and for all. Once the reputation is destroyed, nobody will trust you anymore. This is a basic law of any social group. That's why you should be careful with lies. Sometimes honesty is the worst policy but in this case, you should be completely honest. Such approach contradicts the codex of an honorable person. If you want to know what exactly it is, follow the link  

You are not diligent

Never get used to failing people. Your lack of discipline and diligence can lead to horrible consequences that affect both companies in general and all the coworkers. If you are constantly being late, forget to do what was promised you lose reliability and soon enough people will feel nothing more but disappointment towards you let alone anger or irritation once you enter the room. People are more likely to trust a disciplined and reliable person.

Never get involved in rumors

This is also the worst experience within the colleagues. It is connected with the previous tip dedicated to lies since rumors are mostly false. As rule gossips are triggered by envy, lack of confidence, fear etc. People are so afraid of changes and they can’t tolerate people intended to break this circle. The only way they see to bury these people is rumors. We all know perfectly that misinformation can lead to horrible consequences. However, if you will be exposed of gossiping about others. In this case, if you don’t like something, honesty is the best policy

Team play

Being a part of a team you need to possess team working skills in order not to cause conflicts and confrontations. What are the benefits of such kind of work? First of all, a team can quickly and more effectively complete difficult assignments and tasks within a short period of time. Moreover, people within a team possess various skills and knowledge and can share their experience with other members of the team.  This is a perfect time to become more disciplined since your failure can result in the failure of the whole team. If you don’t have a clue how to be a good team player and benefit from such kind of cooperation, read this article.

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