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Those who ready to pay someone to take an online class, read this article on social attitude and psychological approaches to its studying first.

In 1918, researchers W. Thomas and F. Znaniecki studied emigrants' letters from Poland (addressed to the USA). Maybe, the biography of W. Thomas might clarify the desire to conduct such an experiment. They disclosed that if a person considered this trip to be temporary just to earn money, then the process of adaptation will be very painful with slow assimilation to society, language and culture. However, for those who decided to stay in the foreign country forever, will assimilate to another culture much faster. As the result, scientists came to the conclusion that the mind forms an internal attitude towards various situations that radically affects further existence and motivation. They called this phenomenon an attitude. If you have already written a paper on this topic, we can offer you cheap thesis paper editing to fix all the possible grammatical and structural mistakes.

The social attitude is a person's tendency to a certain social behavior. It is assumed that it has a complex structure and includes a number of components: the ability to perceive, understand, evaluate information and, as a consequence, act accordingly.

The social installation performs four major functions:

  1. Protective function: facilitates the resolution of internal conflicts. If you are interested in effective solutions we offer you to get acquainted with the methods selected by our writers
  2. Expression function: this one is intended to release internal conflicts and display personal qualities.
  3. Function of knowledge: a social attitude provides simplified guidance on the mode of behavior in relation to a particular object.
  4. Adaptation: this one directs to the objects that facilitate achieving goals.

However, one of the main functions is to ameliorate assimilation and socialization. Moreover, social attitude forms slowly and sometimes almost invisible. The statement we used to dismiss, tomorrow will be of the high significance for us.

Our brain operates on the basis of a certain algorithm (matrix) formed by compilations and evaluations. It significantly facilitates processing of information: our brain does not waste odd energy evaluating and analyzing a certain phenomenon. It uses already formed an attitude that allows us to act quickly without requiring additional efforts and time.

Thus, it is important to understand that such attitude can be beneficial and vice versa. On the one hand, it influences the decision-making process but on the other hand, a person can misinterpret information due to the already formed concepts.

An important feature of social attitudes is their multifunctionality. They can simultaneously represent knowledge and opinions, emotions and feelings, behavioral reactions and intentions to act in a certain way.

Formation of social attitudes

Obviously, such complex phenomenon can't be examined using one point of view. Thus, it would be better to analyze it using various psychological approaches.

Behavioral approach

This approach studies social attitude as an intermediate variable between some objective stimulus and the external environment. It is formed without a person being directly involved due to the following reasons:

  • When a certain act is positively rewarded forming a social attitude.
  • When a person subconsciously copies the behavior of other people within the society.
  • Forming of connections between already existing social attitudes (thus followers of conspiracy theories might have a common point of view on other subjects).

Cognitive approach

This approach was formed under the influence numerous theories (L. Festinger's theory of cognitive dissonance, C. Osgood and P. Tannenbaum's theory of congruence, T. Newcom's theory of communicative acts), the general postulate of which is person's striving for the internal consistency. Cognitive thinking is a basis of cognitive approach and our writers can tell you a thing or two about it

In other words, the formation of social attitudes is predisposed by the desire to tackle internal conflicts that were triggered by incoordination between social attitudes.

 Motivational approach

Followers of this approach consider the behavioral approach to be a mistaken one since an individual is not a passive participant but an active one. Thus, a person is able to change, modify and customize his/her social attitudes considering all the possible pros and cons. This article contains two effective ways to stay motivated for those who experience problems with it.

There are two theories describing the formation of social attitudes:

  • The theory of expected benefits: the formation of social attitudes is predetermined by evaluation of all the possible advantages and disadvantages; on the basis of these conclusions an individual makes a decision.
  • Theory of cognitive response: formation is carried out as a result of a positive or negative reaction of a person towards new attitude.

Genetic approach

Supporters of this approach believe that the formation of a social setting is predetermined due to genetic characteristics:

  • Intellectual abilities;
  • Congenital differences of temperament;
  • Biochemical reactions.

At the same time, the supporters of the method believe that in addition to the congenital, there are also acquired social attitudes. However, genetic triggers are much stronger.

Structural approach

At the heart of this approach is the statement that a social attitude is a structural function of the interpersonal relations. A person compares his/her social attitudes with those of other people trying to changes them to improve socialization process.

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