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Today, people are biased towards any critics and pieces of advice since they are convinced that they can handle everything using personal experience and knowledge. However, it is far from being true. What measures should be taken if people we love suffer from smoking, drug or alcohol abuse or certain personal problems that can be tackled by means of your experience? There is also an alternative solution. We may leave them be without any interference so they could solve their problems by means of failures and mistakes. However, it might be unbearable to watch them suffer knowing you might have fixed it.

The advice fundamentally differs from the direct order, but many people nevertheless are confused about these notions. First of all, any piece of advice should be wise and unobtrusive. Definitely, there are a couple of tips of advice giving to make sure people will follow it.

Do not try to convince anybody

Any piece of advice is not an obligatory measure but an optional one. You might apply to the received information or do not. There is no need to try to prove your superiority over a collocutor since he or she might take it too closely and is likely to dismiss your piece of advice. Persuasion skills won't work in this case since people are full of pride and it will stop them from relying on you. Just provide your objective analysis of the problem without trying to influence his her choice. Sometimes, honesty is the best policy but make sure you are very polite and modest by means of our essay

Due respect

This is a matter of self-esteem. People won’t ask for help if this one is based on humiliation. There is a thin line between critics and piece of advice and people usually cross it offending people they love unintentionally. Thus, you need to display respect towards the deeds of the one you desire to help and your pieces of advice are likely to be taken seriously.

Shut up and listen

There is no need to advise in the course of conversation since it is very disrespectful towards a collocutor. An object should tall everything he considers to be important without interruption. Any intrusion will cause only anger and irritation and you will definitely fail to help him/her. In the course of the conversation, the one who needs help might realize that he/she requires help. Sometimes we just need to take it out on somebody to get the help we need. In order to become a good listener, get acquainted with this small guide with simple tips to attain this goal.  

Privacy also matters

People are more talkative speaking face to face since in the crowd they might feel shy and even numb in the face of the society. Moreover, secrets might be shared only with trustworthy people, reliable ones. That’s why do your best to talk with a person that needs help in private to succeed.

Critics should be constructive

Psychologists came to the conclusion that critics aggravate the situation only in case if you give it inappropriately. That's why in order to aid, we should apply to constructive critics. Its essentials are fairly simple. Along with critics, one should provide the most effective ways to solve the problem. For example, if one is smoking, you should emphasize the best way to give it up rather than single outing harmful effect of smoking.

Good example

All the above-mentioned won't be effective if you are subjected to the same "sin" as the person you want to help. Imagine how silly it looks when a smoker tries to convince his son/daughter of giving up smoking. It is very unreasonable and irrational. Thus, if you want to set a good example, just follow these simple tips.

It is a volunteer mission

What is the greatest reason for us to give up helping? It is ingratitude of the one we desire to help. Time spent waiting for the gratitude is spent in vain. Do not forget that you do it only because of strong desire to help without a reword or a prize.

It is a long-term investment

This is one of the most important rules on this list. Let’s be honest, people are unlikely to follow your advice and make a lot of mistakes. There is no need to feel sorry about that since you did your best to give a hand. It might even take five years for the person to realize that your words were reliable enough to believe it. Your words will be dismissed, you will be blamed for all the possible failures, and you will be an aim for the bullets. However, in the end, one will definitely hear you out and follow your advice. This is your primal object, don't forget about that. In order to override this challenge, you should learn how to forgive people. We hope our essay will help you with it

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