How To Work Successfully With The Essay Teamwork


If you ask, what is the team, the answer will be very simple. It is the group of people, which want to reach the same goal. But the successful team consists of 40% of the culture, 30% of the strategy, 20% of the system and only 10% of the different needed tools. The detailed information you can find ordering the reflective essay on teamwork.

The personal qualities of people in the team

  1. The honesty.
  2. The trust. It is possible to be only in the way, when we understand, that the person or the company wants to get something more than own success.
  3. The wish to reach the goal.
  4. Being opened for the new projects.
  5. Being ready to help.
  6. The development of the personal skills.
  7. The desire to help other people.

The rules for the new people in the team

  1. You need to know your role in the company and to know who is responsible for some things. You need to ask only the people, which know the answer and work properly.
  2. You should do the tasks, which your team leader gave you. If you to the other tasks, which you got from the other members of the team, it can have some negative consequences. Only your team leader knows, what you should do exactly in the team.
  3. You need to fix all the instructions you got from your team leader. It is possible to write them on the paper or even make the photo. It will help you to save your own time and you will be the respectful worker in the eyes of your boss. If you are interested in this theme, you can place the order on our site and to get the essays on teamwork.
  4. You should develop your skills. Just do your job better every time. You should repeat the same actions till you do not do it perfectly. Also, you should not spend a lot of time for doing your personal tasks. It is required to do more work during the less time.
  5. You should inform your team leader about all problems you have. The team leader has a lot of experience and he will be able to advise you something. Also, he is the responsible person for the teamwork, because of it, he should be aware of the situation and all problems you have.
  6. You should relax and do not wait till you are tired. If you have the possibility, you should relax for a few minutes. The physical and mental health of every team member shows the result of the team. You can be sure, that you will find all needed information in the teamwork essays, which you can get easily from our dissertation writers, just placing the order on the site.
  7. You should not be afraid of the critique. It is done in the order to improve your personal skills and to help you with the difficulties you have at this moment. Because of it you should pay a lot of attention to all your mistakes and do all possible to change them and to avoid them in the future. It will help you a lot in the future if you do your job well.
  8. You should respect your colleagues. Also, it is very important to help each other and understand the fact, that other people can have their own thoughts too and you need to hear them.

12 rules of the successful teamwork.

  1. You need to see the positive in everything. You do not have enough time to spend it on the negative and it will not bring you the happiness.
  2. You should not find the new solution of the issue every time. Just look around, maybe someone found it before you and you just cannot see it? If you find it, you will not spend a lot of time to find the new solution of the problem. It will help you a lot and you will be able to do the other tasks.
  3. If you do not know about anything, you should ask your colleagues or team leader, because they have more experience and can help you a lot. It does not mean, that you are stupid, because you are asking, it is very good, that you try to find the solution if the problem. But it is not good, if you do not know and do not ask the people about it. You should understand, that the teamwork is for the common result and the problem of one team member can be the problem of the group of people.
  4. All can be done better. You should remember, that you can do everything better. Because of it you should develop your personal skills every day. There is no limit to be perfect. You can do your job better every time.
  5. You need to be satisfied with your job. If you do your job with the satisfaction, what can be better? You get the salary for your hobby and because of it, you can live happy.
  6. Help each other to reach the goals. If you are concentrated on the goals of the other team member, it will help you to reach your own goals.
  7. From time to time you should refresh your knowledge. Try to find different articles to test your knowledge and find the answers to the new questions. It is impossible to remember all the information, because of it, you need to check it, for example, one time per month.
  8. If you communicate with someone, your conversation should be ended with the agreement. It is impossible to move further if you do not have any concrete steps. If you have any difficulties in the communication, please feel free to order the communication essays and we will be glad to provide you with it.
  9. You need to know what you are responsible for. Also, you should know what the other people are responsible for. It will give you the opportunity to save your time if you have some questions, because you will know who exactly is responsible for it.
  10. You should check the opinion of every person in every situation. If you communicate with the different people, it will give you the opportunity to hear different thoughts. You can be sure, that you even did not check the situation from that side. Because of it, if there is the problem, the team leader asks everyone about their opinion, but the last decision accepts exactly the team leader only.
  11. You need to work to reach your own goals, the goals of your team and the goals of the project.
  12. You should not be shy and you should ask for the help if you really need it. We are stronger when we are together.

To sum up, it is possible to say, that the teamwork is very important and can bring you the success. You just need to follow these advices and you will see, that your life will change in the nearest future. All needed information you can check on our site and order the essay about teamwork.

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