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Besides cheap essays, our team also have their own blog to post an interesting essay on the various topic and this essay on shyness is one of them.

In general, we are surrounded by shy people. However, most scientists agree that we all suffer from a lack of confidence but in a less or higher degree. Thus, if you are not subjected to this problem this article will nevertheless be interesting to understand the essence of this phenomenon and how it works.

Shyness: what is it and where does it come from?

Since our essay is based on scientific researches we should, first of all, consider scientific term "shyness" that describes its major features. Shyness is a certain psychological condition that predisposes lack of social skills, tension and pressure within the society and inability to communicate properly with the opposite sex.  Usually, shyness is associated with modesty and such behavior is considered to be sophisticated since a person is tolerant and polite. However, on the other hand, this is just a mask to hide real feelings and emotions and sometimes even false-faced. People also experience lack of confidence being surrounded by the representatives of other races being subjected to prejudice. Read more about it on

What are the triggers of shyness? There are a lot of theories on this account. The major ones are the following:

  • Most of the sociologist and Danish psychologists are positive that shyness originates to the social upbringing and social decency;
  • According to psychoanalysts, shyness is triggered by our internal contradictions on the level of subconscious concepts;
  • Behaviorists consider shyness to be the lack of proper communicative skills that prevents people from communicating appropriately especially with the opposite sex;
  • Sociopsychologists think that a person is shy only when he or she tries to convince him/herself of being shy;
  • Scientists involved in the study of personality are convinced of the genetic nature of shyness;
  • Neuroscientists are convinced that shyness is caused by metabolic disorders of neurotransmitters and, as a consequence, asthenia of the central nervous system;
  • Certain doctors even think that shyness is caused by mercury poisoning.

As you can see there are plenty of so-called triggers of shyness both psychological and social but this article is mainly directed to the solutions of these problems that's why we should more carefully consider the most effective ways of getting rid of it.

How to become less shy?

  1. First of all, you should understand what are the features and triggers of your shyness. What actually makes you feel it or what are you afraid of? Maybe, it was triggered in the very childhood and you don't even remember how did it happen. It might also be social pressure or constant critics towards you. However, the most important thing to think about is the way to tackle this problem once and for all.
  2. Then, it is reasonable to consider things you don’t like. What do you consider to be your flaws? Focus on the list of your flaws and think what coerced you to think that it is actually your flaws? Sometimes people are more likely to exaggerate their so-called flaws and underestimate advantages. This is the second step to get a cure from the lack of confidence.
  3. Imagine perfect you literally without drawbacks. What are the difference between this image and the actual you? What makes you think that you actually have all these flaws? These are the questions to be answered to understand the further direction. Usually, we try to reach unreachable image of perfectness itself and the inability to do that causes shyness.
  4. You should be as objective as possible evaluating your flaws and benefits since as was mentioned before people are more likely to underestimate their capabilities. It should help you to realize that you might be wrong about yourself and further evaluation will be more positive and objective. How to be more objective evaluating yourself? It will be much easier with this essay.
  5. Create a "Success Diary". You might have already understood that this diary should comprise all the achievements you've attained. When these feelings return, just open it and read again about the heights you've already reached.
  6. Humor is a good way to get rid of shyness since all our failures should be considered as a joke. Self-ironical people are more confident since they can find all their fails hilarious and make fun of them. This is simple as it is because generally, our failures are our experience that makes us better. These tips on how to be funnier should teach you how to draw people’s attention.
  7. Pay attention to how confident people behave. Appeal to theoretical knowledge to understand how you should behave to express confidence. There are plenty of informational resources that provides theoretical and practical knowledge that allow you to use tips and techniques of confident people. The best practice for you is speeches and public performances. These leadership qualities should help you to become more confident
  8. One of the last steps that should be taken is to disregard society pressure and critics. Every person is a set of unique features of behavior and nobody can accuse you of being damaged. You should break these chains to become free both mentally and physically since all these restraints stop you from being yourself.
  9. When you feel like emotions taking control over you imagine you are invisible. This is a perfect exercise to relax and relieve stress. Shy people think that all people's attention is concentrated on them and they pay attention to the flaws rather than on benefits but it is far from being true. People might not even see you among all these people around unless you are the speaker. However, nobody will be able to see you and thus pay attention to you.
  10. If you consider it impossible to get rid of shyness and none of the mentioned-above tips don’t help you, apply to help of the professional psychologist. Only special attention and help is able to kill this disease deep down inside of you to prevent horrible consequences. There are plenty of institutions that provide free help for this one or other psychological disorders. It is up to you.

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