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check your english grammar and spelling

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Our spelling grammar and punctuation checking specialist wanted to share with you a couple of tips to improve your spelling without any extra efforts.

Unfortunately, today's education system does not provide proper English checking spelling and grammar skills for both pupils and students. Regardless of its importance in the world of communication and social media, most of the people write with mistakes, even the slightest ones. College essays writing and editing for the students with 15% discount. That is why if you want to be aware of all these new writing tendencies and communicate with other people without being perceived as an ignorant person. The basic tips are the following:

  1. First of all, you should start reading at least an hour per day. There is no need to look for the hardly readable books with sophisticated English. Even a couple of articles in some magazine will be enough for the first step. This is crucial because when we read our brain memorize the right spelling subconsciously and when you will face this word or phrase another time, your mind will help you up. There is no need for a special attention to this kind of activity; you just need to repeat it every day, until you'll notice the effect.  Moreover, it is a good way to relax after a long day at work or at the university. Check the list of the most interesting scientific journals to read and have a little practice.
  2. In order to write appropriately, you need to be acquainted with all the spelling rules existing in the language you try to master. There are plenty of books dedicated to this topic on the internet. You just have you the most efficient one. There is no shame if you will start the program from the very beginning since our brain is unable to keep such amount of information for a long period. That is why you need to refresh all the knowledge at least a couple of time a year. By the way, don’t forget to check our latest essay on steampunk
  3. Practice is the key.  The more you write the better your skills are. There are two types of writing exercises you should use; it is visual and audio ones. Write down a 400-word article from the magazine you like or a certain part of a book with your favorite expressions. Make a notebook for all the new words you found and write them down. If it appeared that you have problems with a certain word, use school exercise; write down this word or phrase five times in a row a couple of times to memorize it once and for all. In order to check whether you succeeded, you can turn on the take with an interview, for example, and try to write it down. Then, check all the mistakes you’ve made, highlight them and perform with wrongly written words above-mentioned exercise. Creative writing exercises for beginners will help you to find your direction to develop your skills.

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