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The gratuitous help from our dissertation writers online is waiting for you on our blog. There is a new update for you dedicated to the history of the avant-garde.

One can say that the history of the avant-garde is over, on the one hand. As Guy Debord said, the avant-gardes have had its day. Nevertheless, most of the researchers consider him to be one of the last avant-gardists. On the other hand, we can either discuss the term "avant-garde" and its historical background or the new history of the avant-garde. So why is this term needed now? The avant-garde might have been one of the reasons for the development of multiculturalism. Our writers created an essay for you discussing the origins of multiculturalism Check it following the link.

As a rule, for the proper development of the culture and art, it needs some basis with a certain set of unique features to refer to. Thus, the culture needs a model-forming element to exist and change. Then the term avant-garde appears, and this tendency in the world of art is lively discussed in the 1960s when the culture itself was subjected to serious changes. Moreover, the understanding of art changes, the perception of the art changes since the artists changed and so forth. Everything is being reconsidered, the genres of art change, the boundaries between these genres disappear and new tendencies emerge. We also want to clarify the issue concerning the art itself. This article was written to reveal the ways to define the art.

Even today we suddenly remembered and decided to discuss avant-garde. However, most of the artists are positive that there is nothing to discuss but there is a huge contradiction in this point of view. By the 1960s, the avant-garde had already begun to be the model to follow in order to achieve some financial success. The avant-garde works began to be sold very well, and then plenty of Western artists give up on the term "avant-garde". On the other hand, there is a tendency to consider the avant-garde as an experimental movement and as a movement that is directed against the very institute of art, the art of aestheticizing, art intended to be appreciated by the audience. In this case, the avant-garde is such a conceptual basis for the creation of alternative art, which is intended to criticize this financial model of modern art.

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There are also some alternative concepts. On the one hand, a concept that implies a kind of vertical strategy, that is, a story in which the avant-garde occupies its place and in which the avant-garde now, of course, has no place. On the other hand, there is a certain horizontal history of art in which the avant-garde can take its place since the avant-garde is supposed to be some kind of basis for a critical understanding of reality. This is a very important concept, introduced, among other things, by the remarkable Russian art historian, who also speaks of Eastern European art in the context of Western art, and in the context of the Anglo-American model. Today, one can hardly say that there is a certain kind of interaction with the vertical history of the avant-garde. However, there are certain layers of art that interact with each other and exist as a horizontal history of art. Reevaluation of the experience was the key concept of the avant-garde. The meaning of our experience is rather controversial and other writers want to share their knowledge on this account with you

What does it mean? It means that there is Western art, which has an Anglo-American basis (London or New York), and on the other hand, there is an art throughout the entire post-Soviet space, which remained unchanged after the fall of Berlin Wall without any possibility of interaction with another art practices and it also needed certain reasons to act. The artists and philosophers do not want to follow the old-fashioned tendencies and do not want to use the art as the source of profit. Thus, they decide to give up the same-old understanding of art and create a new one with new features and concepts. Therefore, it gave a birth to a horizontal history of the avant-garde, the new history of the avant-garde. That’s why this tendency is alive today since its major purpose like critics of the art, the search of the brand new concepts and ideas is on the issue of the day. The avant-garde gives a birth to new tendencies in the art which were forbidden or derided before. You probably wonder who the prominent avant-gardist among those artists you know is. This is the list of the most famous avant-garde works all over the world and you might not even know that this is this very art tendency.

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