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While you are busy placing an order to buy a cheap dissertation, we remind you that there is a new essay on our blog dedicated to the study of suicide

The problem of suicide always was on the issue of the day. Once a person realized that he or she is alive, and realizes that he or she actually can die, the thoughts about the possibility of committing a suicide start appearing in his or her head. The phenomenon of suicide attracted the attention of humanity throughout the history. Today, the branch of science that studies suicide is an interdisciplinary science that uses methods, theories, and technologies of very different sciences not only from psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychology, but also use such features as culture and art: a lot of writers, artists devoted their works to this topic. However, when we are talking about scientific studying in the field of suicide, its importance is indisputable. Need to buy essay for cheap written by the professional native speakers? We have both US and UK writers available online 24/7 to complete your homework within the stated deadline.

Annually, around one million people commit suicide all over the world and, according to various sources, the statistics are very complicated. However, according to the unofficial sources of information, more than 20 million people commit a suicide yearly. The suicide is number one cause of the violent death and there are twice as many suicides as murders. Thus, there is the question: who is committing suicide? People got used to thinking that only crazy people are capable of doing it. However, there are different points of view concerning those who actually can do it. People with psychological disorders commit a suicide only in 20% of cases; people who suffer from the borderline personality disorder, depression, stress, anxiety commit a suicide only in 65% of cases. Only 15% of mentally healthy people commit a suicide but, usually, this number is disregarded.

Suicide is a topic that can be considered from various points of view. To begin with, this is a process, not a single action. As a rule, it is divided into two phases: pre-suicide phase and actual suicide. The first phase is a preliminary stage and one can see certain signs that witness about the possible attempt of committing a suicide. Usually, people who close to the victim might notice it. The second and final phase comprises the careful planning of the future suicide and actions to achieve this goal. When we talk about explaining what suicide is, what a group of phenomena it is, what forces people to make such a decision, we come across different concepts. To cut a long story short, almost all scientists are positive that suicide is a phenomenon that contains social, psychological, and biological features.

Let's start with biological factors. This phenomenon is lively studied during the recent decades and cause an interest of the scientists, especially in the field of psychiatry. They are positive that the suicide is a social and psychological phenomenon. It is an inability of an individual to adapt to the conditions of the conflict according to the definition given by the professor Ambromova, the founder of the Soviet Union study on the suicide. This is an absolutely correct definition that describes the phenomenon of the suicide. However, this definition dismisses the very nature of the suicide. Nevertheless, it is consistent, and now, even on the basis of this definition, the scientists try to find biological proclivity for suicide. What can we say about this? First, genetic factors. Indeed, there is a specific genetic data, which predisposes the risk of committing a suicide. It is already scientifically proven that those, whose close relatives committed a suicide, are at risk to behave in the same way. The study conducted with the monozygotic twins showed that one of the twins is at risk to commit a suicide if the second one did it and the chance reaches 20% while for dizygotic twins this chance is 4% under the same conditions. However, if the stress is your major problem, which causes a huge impact, you just need to follow the link to read our essay on how to avoid stressful situations

Biochemical factors are particular to the patients who attempted to commit suicide but survived somehow. Having studied their biochemistry, an increase in the recapture of serotonin is found, primarily in the frontal lobes of the brain. When a neuropsychologist conducts neuropsychological testing of the patients who have committed a suicide, a certain malfunctioning of the frontal lobes of the brain is found, that is, the psyche of those who have suicidal state of mind works a little bit differently. There is a general typology of those who have such intentions. For example, patients who commit impulsive suicide--when they face some stressful situation they can’t cope with, they can jump out of the window or damage themselves. It turns out that according to the neuropsychological tests, they have a deficit, and this coincides with the data of functional MRT (magnetic resonance tomography)--a deficit in the orbital zones of the frontal lobes of the brain. By the way, there are plenty of other ways to use MRT and in this post, you will find most of them and a couple of interesting facts about this invention. However, patients who have been planning suicide for a long time appeared to have a malfunctioning of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. What does it mean? The fact that people due to the presence of a deficit in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex cannot find any rational solution of their problems, due to the damage to this area of the brain and it results in the formation of rigidity. People who are in such difficult conditions like stress or depression can't think clearly and, thus, they can't find an effective solution, unlike people who without these areas of the brain damaged.

Social factors that determine the nature of suicide have long been studied. The pioneer in this field was the sociologist Emil Durkheim, one of the founders of the scientific sociology. He associated suicide with society. When it has certain characteristics, when society is very contradictory, when there are meaningful rules, such thing as anomia appears and people feel lost. An individual feels rather uncomfortable in the society and this anomia force this person to commit a suicide. On the one hand, this is a social phenomenon. On the other hand, there are a number of social and psychological processes at the macro level, which also determines the risk to commit a suicide. For example, there is a so-called copycat suicide effect. After the publication of Goethe's book “The Sorrows of Young Werther”, a series of suicides spread throughout Europe. This is believed to be caused by the influence of this novel since young people were too impressed by the plot of this novel. If you hear about this writer for the first time, here is the biography of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, one of the most prominent German writers of the eighteenth century.

Concerning the prevention of a suicidal behavior, it is difficult to talk about it from the standpoint of social factors. Social factors that directly affect the number of suicides are very difficult to identify. The prevention of such a behavior, probably, should be carried out at the level of biological factors. It means that scientific research should be aimed at a set of biological causes so that these people could get the appropriate help at the very beginning until it’s too late. However, this is the task of the scientists in the distant future.

It is much easier to work with people who happen to fall prey to the unfavorable social or psychological conditions like confrontations, conflicts, stress whose psyche is not yet developed. Thanks to the Mass Media and Social Networks, we are well aware of the problem with the teenage suicide, which is on the issue of the day since immature psyche with both suicidal and anti-suicidal features is more predisposed to the suicidal behavior. The teenagers are at risk since one should pay special attention to those who grow up in the unfavorable social or psychological conditions or suffer from bullying. Moreover, the teenagers are also at risk of drug or alcohol abuse, and all the above-mentioned features and poor education harmfully influence their psyche and might result to such horrible consequences. This is a warning from our writers about the drug abuse problems, which might result in horrible consequences for you or your relatives. Don’t dismiss it

Thus, if you feel that people you know, you care about need your help, if you see any signs of suicidal behavior or you see any changes of their behavior, which seems suspicious to you, inform the corresponding institutions that have necessary experience and skills to work with people with such problems. Otherwise, you can lose people you love just because of your unwillingness to do something. 

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