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Our professional academic research writers prepared a new update on our blog dedicated to the fear of public performance and the best ways to get rid of it.

Obviously, public performance is far from being an essential part of our lives. Nevertheless, at the university, we have to give a speech on various topics and it is impossible to avoid it. Most people are afraid of such performances due to their inexperience in this field. Our essay we want to dedicate to the best ways how to overcome this fear. It is impossible to give the first performance without mistakes but we will help you to at least step up on the scene.

1. Put up with the fact that you are not perfect

Usually, the speaker is afraid of making a mistake in front of the audience, which results in a greater chance of actually making it. However, it is simple to overcome this fear. You just need to reconsider the mistake in general and take it as an inevitable accident. Create the most effective ways of avoiding these misunderstandings and weird situations. Regardless of your skills, one part of the audience will be delighted by the speech you give, while another part will try to find your flows and will consider your behavior to be ridiculous. Mistakes should be considered as a part of your deployment and you should use this experience to avoid these ones in the future. You won’t be sentenced to death if you make a mistake, so there is nothing to be afraid of. Usually, people experience fear to perform in front of a certain number of people due to the lack of confidence. That's why we offer you to get acquainted with the seven mental hacks to be more confident. This will be your first step to become a good public speaker.

2. Think about the desired results

When you are afraid of giving a speech, you imagine your failure in details, the way you stand in front of the audience pale without being able to say a word. There is no need to think about such a scenario since it will actually happen. You need to focus on the success of your future performance and do your best to prepare your speech properly. You need to convince your mind that you won’t fail or make mistakes in the course of the conversation with the audience and you will succeed. According to our customers’ needs, we added admissions essay help at We always pay special attention to the feedback from our customers.

3. Think about the structure and the content of your speech

You need to focus on your speech rather than on the way you will give it. The interest of your audience depends on the information you are about to present. First of all, you need to speak about something you are well aware of, otherwise, the listeners that are also aware of the topic will accuse you of a lack of knowledge, which will ruin your reputation. If you are about to present statistical data or other numbers, you need to check whether they are reliable since the first and the most important rule of the speaker is, to tell the truth.

4. Respect your audience

The key mistake of every speaker is to think that the audience is waiting for you to fail. These people are unlikely to waste their time knowing that you will fail. You need to pay due respect to your audience doing your best to make this time interesting for them. That's why you need to take all the possible measures to prepare your speech properly and check the data you use. If you really want to get the desired results, you need to be completely honest with your audience. Otherwise, that will feel you lie and will dismiss you

5. Forget about your past mistakes

Those who give a speech for the second or even the third time pay too much attention to their previous mistakes being afraid of repeating them again. Instead of thinking about the best way to prepare the future speech, we are likely to think about the previous failures disable us to be successful right now. It is impossible to become a good speaker for the first time since you will require experience and skills allowing you to succeed.

6. Sleep well and avoid stress.

You need to sleep well before giving a speech since your performance depends on the way you feel. If you will be exhausted, you won’t be able to perform effectively, let alone tired eyes and inability to speak properly. We also mentioned stressful situations since if you experience stress you also can't fall asleep and as the result, you won't be able to rest properly. By the way, classical music is a very effective way to fall asleep if your mind is clouded by negative thoughts

7. Avoid Stimulants

Most people are positive that coffee, alcohol or cigarettes will help them to calm down and they are likely to give a speech perfectly. Don’t rely on such boosters to influence your mood or confidence since you will also face the consequences. First of all, most people are likely to misuse the doze and won't be able to perform successfully. Additionally, don't eat too much before giving a speech since it will cause an unpleasant feeling in your stomach and your body will waste all the energy digesting this food.

8. Elaborate your style

You need to think about your outward as well. If your look is untidy and inappropriate you won’t be able to win the trust of your audience and they won’t take you seriously. If you have a suite, you need to wear it since it creates a certain atmosphere that will only contribute to your success.

9. Control your breathing

Usually, due to the anxiety and fear, people lose the ability to talk properly. The short breath and the lump in throat unable you to express your thoughts comprehensively. That's why you need breathing techniques to get rid of the above-mentioned problems and calm down to continue speaking. There are five breathing techniques to calm you down before giving a speech so that you won’t be caught by short breath.

 10. Focus on friendly faces

Your audience will contain various people, from those who will despise you and those who will adore you, generally speaking. You need to focus on people who smile or those who express positive emotions to feel their warmth and continue speaking. This is a sort of motivation since if you will pay too much attention to those who don't like you or those who don't listen to you at all, you don't seem confident enough to the rest of the listeners.

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