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In order to show you that we know a thing or two about the best custom essay writing services, we offer you to read this essay on the pros and cons of GMO products.

Genetically modified organisms are an artificial modification of various organisms by means of inserting allomorphic genes of an organism into another one using genetic engineering methods. In other words, the genetic material is artificially altered by means of crossing or recombination. Thus, we can talk about transgenic and cisgenic organisms. Both these organisms are genetically modified, but the first one is the combination of the different organisms and the second one is the combination of the same organisms and this type of GMO is considered to be less dangerous. Usually, GMO is referred to microorganisms, plants, and animals. We also have another controversial essay for you on the legalization of cannabis since it also has obvious advantages and disadvantages but still, this question is discussed in those countries where legislation hasn't been carried out

In the 90s, as a branch of medicine, gene therapy emerged, where a gene of the human somatic cell is used as an altered object. In the US, there was a successful attempt to treat in such a way a combined immunodeficiency syndrome of a three-year-old boy who was born without the immune system at all. A girl named Ashanti failed to get treatment and have almost died but they were saved by means of gene therapy. If you are unaware of this treatment method, it will be difficult to understand this essay. So, this is the basic information on gene therapy. This is only necessary information for you to understand its essentials.

One of the most hostile fighters against GMO was “Greenpeace”. However, they were rather contradicting since they also protested against the destruction of forest areas since new types of trees were created by means of GMO which have a high content of cellulose and grow faster than ordinary ones.  New, unusual colors of roses and peonies, cats that do not trigger an allergy, aquarium fishes, glowing in the darkness were created by means of GMO. All the above-mentioned achievements should be taken for granted without considering the advantages and disadvantages of such a method. This is just a gift of the science to the humanity. However, nevertheless, GMO has certain pros and cons we would like to describe. Sign up on our website to get cheap essays online to forget about the homework you have to do for tomorrow. Our writers will take care of it.

Pros of GMO

  1. Plant and animal breeding is carried out much faster. Created species are less vulnerable to the negative influence of the harsh environment and possess the qualities necessary for the breeders at the moment;
  2. New species are cheaper in production and help to save money. For example, for the decades Colorado beetle have destroyed the potato and millions were spend on pesticides that should have supposedly get rid of them. However, soon enough, these beetles became invulnerable to the pesticides. Having created a new sort of potato which does not attract these beetles, the agricultural industry managed to save millions;
  3. Breeding of the plants with a high content of vitamins. There was a serious conflict with the "Golden rice" which has a high content of vitamin A. The ecologists were rather hostile towards such an invention and soon enough put a veto on it. During this period, eight million twelve-year-old children died as the result of the lack of vitamin A. Later, this ban was canceled. If you experience the same problem, there is an essay that contains all the products with high content of vitamin A.
  4. GMO plants can be easily transported, sorted and they can be harvested twice a year;
  5. Such genetic breeding helps to create new drugs to treat various diseases. Moreover, they are much cheaper than the original ones;
  6. French and German scientists elaborated fundamentally new ways of ALD treatment using gene therapy.

The disadvantages of GMOs

Compared with pros, it is single out significant cons of GMO products even despite the reputation created by Mass Media to make people believe that this is a serious threat to our health. Now they are considered to be potentially dangerous. In order to find out whether GMO products can cause a negative effect on our body, it is necessary to conduct very expensive and complex researches. According to the published studies of Arpad Pusthai, Gilles-Eric Seralini and Irina Ermakova, laboratory rats that were fed with GMO products soon died because of cancer. However, this experiment was busted since the scientific purity of the experiment was dismissed. Nevertheless, studies of French scientists on the toxicity of genetically modified maize have been confirmed. If you need any scientific research to be carried out, buy online essay at and our writers will cover the chosen topic.

One of the most propagated myth is ecologically pure produced bred in the best ground. Modern methods of breeding (in particular Tiling) predispose utilization of toxic substances and radiation. As the result, such a procedure causes certain changes in the genetic code of the bred plant and it is impossible to determine and monitor all the negative consequences that might happen. Nevertheless, there are certain negative consequences of GMO:

  1. GMO might cause an allergic reaction but we can't know for sure whether it was triggered by GMO or the original product;
  2. The formation of the microbial flora of the mucous membrane which might result in the immunity to the antibiotics or their unpredictable influence on the individual's health;
  3. Genetically modified products might trigger cancer or other diseases to appear. Moreover, it might also result in the development of diabetes. In our essay, you can find all the necessary information concerning this topic
  4. There is a slight probability of the extinction of certain species. When pests contact the GMO plants they die however, nobody can deal with bees and ladybugs that are likely to contact with the same GMO plants as well. There are two possible scenarios: sooner or later will be able to see bees only printed on the pages of Red List or they will adapt to the changes of the plants and their blossom dust. Thus, it is impossible to predict what changes will happen with the honey they produce.  
  5. There is also a probability that the products of GMO breeding can mutate. A well-known example of such a mutation is a green salmon that was both of the modified colors and have a weight of more than 250 kilos which is much more than regular salmon has.

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