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Our team that provides university thesis writing service presents a small research on attention theories.

What is attention? What are the types of attention?

Attention means an ability of an individual to direct his/her consciousness to specific objects or phenomena that possesses a certain level of significance for this person. Also, this concept means the concentration of consciousness, which implies a high degree of sensory, motor or intellectual activity. There are several kinds of attention, for example, automatic attention, active attention, post active attention. However, automatic and active ones are of the most significance for us.

Automatic attention

Automatic attention (also called emotional or passive ones) is called the concentration of consciousness on a certain object, due to its peculiarities. In this case, attention depends on whether this object attracts and lack of concentration of an individual. Emotions are very significant in this case since directly participate in the attraction of individual’s attention. There is no need to make efforts to pay attention to this very object.

Any inciter with different level of attraction can draw our attention. A new inciter can also become a source of active attention. Personal feelings play a very significant role in this case. They can be divided into moral, aesthetic and intellectual ones. If, for example, an object causes delight or surprise, attention is drawn to this object for a long time. Thus, interest is directly connected to our emotions. So, in case of active attention interest plays the most significant role.

Active attention

Active attention (willing or desired one) is usually considered to be deliberately controlled concentration on a phenomenon or an object. In this case, the attention of a person is caused by the need. This type of attention is directly related to the will. It means that in order to stay focused a person should apply to his/her will. Thus, in order to complete a certain task a person should concentrate on it by means of physical efforts. However, these exercises to develop attention should help the students to improve the ability to stay concentrated for a long time.

We apply to active attention when we need to perform a certain action that requires our concentration. As a rule, the origin of such type of attention is any kind of work that requires intellectual activity. Our psychological state is the only feature that controls and supports this kind of attention. That's why people experience a problem with the concentration being tired. By the way, proper diet is also required to be more attentive and effective. There are a couple of tips in our blog Active attention is also aggravated by the excitement caused by external inciters. The ability of a person to pay attention to a certain object is usually predetermined by his/her intellectual abilities and directly connected with such features as memory and influence other cognitive abilities and their development. However, keep in mind that the environment and various ecological issues can also influence our cognitive skills including attention. Read more on

Features of attention

As well as any other cognitive ability, attention has a set of features that control the ability of a person to use this skill. The major features are the following:

1. Capacity defines the number of perceived objects. It depends on the genetic factors, the effectiveness of short-term memory, experience, professional skills, and peculiarities of these objects.

2. Concentration is the ability to focus on something without being distracted. In the course of concentration, our brain creates impulse of attention of natural or artificial nature. If one tries to focus on a large amount of information or on an object with a great variety of details, he or she loses the ability to concentrate properly. Since most of our readers are students, they have to read this essay on how to be concentrated while studying.

3. Distributability is the ability of a person to perform a number of actions simultaneously or pay attention to several objects at once. Since our brain is able to redistribute our resources, we are able to perform different kinds of tasks at the same time. It is usually called multitasking.

4. The ability to stay focused is a general feature of attention. It depends on the type of nervous system, motivation, and temper. This ability is determined by the emotions perceived. An opposite phenomenon is called the distraction.

5. Shifting is a phenomenon that is found even when a person is concentrated. This one is explained to be the process of constant change of excitement and slowing down in the cerebral cortex. If a person experiences the shifting within a long period of time, he or she loses attention.

6. Switchability is the redirecting of attention from one object or phenomenon to another one. Switchability is divided into active and automatic as well. These types have the same nature as well as attention does and appear due to encouragement and lack of attention.

We should also emphasize that in order to develop the ability to pay attention to a certain object and stay focused for a long time, it requires to be aware of all these features of attention itself and learn what kind of inciters affect you the most. In order to deeper analyze this topic, we will examine the following theories of attention studying.

Attention theories 

Theodore Ribot's Theory. According to her study, attention is closely connected with emotions. They trigger it. The state of attention is characterized by changes in the physical and physiological state of the body, for example increased blood circulation in actively involved organs. The state of concentration is followed by gestures, which allows one to stay focused.

The theory of Peter Halperin. Attention is a psychological action aimed at information or an image that is currently kept in the conscious of an individual. Attention, in the scientist's opinion, is a mean of control. Any kind of attention is an evidence of intellectual efforts.

Theory of Donald Broadband. When a person performs two actions at the same time, a so-called filter that passes through and recognizes the objects of attention, switches from one channel of perception to another. The amount of data taken into account depends on the capacity of the channel. The author of the theory managed to back up with facts the process of filtering, but he could not explain how the data from objects out of our attention is perceived.

Theory of Anna Traisman. This theory was based on Broadband’s one: the perceptual register and the filter with limited capacity are separated by a weakening agent. This one weakens the signal, and also deals with semantic analysis.

Theory of Diana and Anthony Deutsch. Any inciter is processed in the short-term memory, and the process of selections is conducted in the course of processing. The memory capacity is limited and thus only a certain part of the information is memorized. Then, this information is divided into important and unimportant.

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