Find Your Love With The Love Story Essay


If you wish to know what is the love, you need to ask yourself about it. The thing is, that the scientists from the whole world cannot give the common answer to this answer. Every person understands the meaning of this word in his/her own manner. It is because everyone has own point of view and exactly in this article, you will see who it is impossible to say one definition of the love. The detailed information you can find in the love at first sight essay, which you can order on our site and our personal statement writers will be glad to provide you with it.

Some people are sure, that the love is the pain and at that time, the other people think, that the love is the gift. Some people can say, that the love is the temporary feeling and the time depends on the different circumstances. The love can change people, help them reach their goals and become better than they are now. If you are interested in this theme, you can easily order the essay about love on our site. You can be sure, that you will get the great service and will be satisfied with the result.

The love can give you the feeling of the care about the other people. The love of the mother is the most important thing, which the child can get in this world from the very beginning. Also, the love can be something like the pills. There are a lot of examples, when the people, which had a lot of problems with the health, but the love changed them.

Unfortunately, the love can also destroy people. People can have a lot of stress and even the depressions. It is very difficult to live, when you love the person and that person does not love you. People even can die because of the love. But everything depends on the type of the love and you can get this information further. The detailed information you can find in the essays on depression.

The types of love in the philosophy

The feelings can be very different and because of it, people cannot explain how exactly they love the other people. Some of them love the people, and the other love is, for example, between the mother and the children.

The philosophy of the love can show a lot of examples of it. You can see, that people often say the phrases like: “I love this city”, “I love this girl” or something like that. People live in the world, which is full with love, because of it, they love the other people in different ways. You can find more information in true love essay.

Only the person, who loves himself can love the other people. Some people can disagree with it, but it is impossible to respect the other people if you do not respect yourself.

6 types of the love in psychology

  1. The love, when the person wants to be with the partner. In this love, the physical connection is very important. But there are no any feelings in this type of love. It can be only for the short time, because the partners are interested only in the physical connection.
  2. The game in love, when people do not have the real feelings to each other. It is also the love for the short time and it is impossible to have some serious feelings.
  3. The love-friendship. This type of love is between friends. The friendship can be also the type of the relationships, because of it, people should respect the feeling of each other.
  4. The pragmatic love. You will not find the feelings in this type of love. The partners are interested only in money of each other. There are a lot of examples, when the young girls marry with the old but rich people, even if they do not love them.
  5. The maniacal love. It is a very dangerous type of love. The person has the strong feelings to the partner and because of it if such relationships are broken, there are a lot of quarrels and problems.
  6. This type of love is when one person loves, but the other person just uses that love.

If the feelings are real, the person will care about the partner and will do all possible to help him/her. If the person think only about himself, the relationships can be broken. If we have the feelings to the other person, we want to be together with the partner and should do everything for his/her health and life. But at the same time it does not mean, that you should refuse from your freedom. It is the respect for yourself and for the other people.

It is not very easy to get the real love, because it requires a lot of work. People should respect the feelings of the partner and develop the relationships during the whole life. People, who lived together and overcome the different problems, can say, that they have the real love.

Even the ancient scientists wanted to find the sense of the love. Unfortunately, it was not found even now. Is is known, that the love is the feeling, when the person accepts the other person with all habits and skills. These people live together when they are happy and when they have a lot of problems.

The love is the important feeling in our life and some people can think, that exactly the love helped people to live in this world. Without love, we will not be able to get the happiness from our world and the person, who never loves is really miserable.

To sum up, every person is unique and the love is different for everyone. Some people can find the inspiration in it, but at the same people have this feeling. But you can be sure, when you find your real love, you will feel it. Also, you can be sure, that you will get the short essay about love any time you will place the order on our site.

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