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An essay about a hero is kind of paperwork that all people have done already.

When you were sitting at the desk and dreaming about future, you were pleasantly surprised when the teacher told you to write an essay. Everyone loves essays because you can write whatever you want, but they could be even better when it`s epic hero essay. Impressive, right? Of course, because you can free your fantasy and create a perfect character or dive deep into your memory and think about comic’s hero, movie or cartoon hero, book character or even real person could be a hero for you? It can be a character from your favorite movie. Remember, have you ever written your favorite movie essay? Everyone has different tastes, so it could be even Hulk or Spider-Man, Robinson Crusoe or Harry Potter.  It could even be your dad or uncle because each of them was a great example of courage and bravery for you. Our English essay writer will help you.

Yes, the task is so simple, but it`s a very good chance for you to show your creativity and skills. Your only limitation is the number of pages, so you need an interesting complete story. In some cases creating an own character gave people huge success. The greatest example is a British writer J.K. Rowling. She created Harry Potter, he gave her wide popularity in all seven books, and then during eight films and one play.

Therefore, to understand the structure of personal hero essay, you need to try to write one. Here we will explain everything about essay step by step. If you are looking for other articles on essay writing, you can find more information here You won`t get a result without taking a few attempts. Take simple structure and make a plan with three points:

1. First part. Short hero description with name, special skills, trademark and some interesting facts.

2. Second part. The story of your character. Tell the reader a cool story about hero helping people, saving the world or fighting enemies. Make him a person showing the example of good.

3. Third part. Make short conclusion, where you tell why this hero is special for you and compare him with other cool characters.

With this plan, you will understand how to move forward with your essay plot. It must be interesting. In other case, people won`t read your story and you will fail. Your hero will not be cool and charismatic as you thought it must be.

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To create a good essay about a hero, you should look for some examples from comic books, movies or novels. Every new creation is based on some existing images. Think about heroes that you already know. What the best qualities could you take from them? Special abilities, their origin, charisma or even face treats. You can come up with short part (four or five sentences) where you tell the reader about basic information about your character. Who he is, where he came from and what special abilities he has. Your hero could have sworn enemies and fight them all the time. There are many examples of this concept like Batman and Joker, Spider-Man and Venom. This variant is so simple, but it works perfectly. Hero creators are getting huge income from them by many variants such as films, comics, TV serials, toys and other different stuff. People love them because they are cool. You can look for other articles here:

Your task is similar. Create a hero who will conquer hearts of your readers. They must dream of becoming this hero, be his friend or live in the neighbor flat. Every kid had dreamed of being Spider-Man or Iron Man or any other Marvel hero. Every time when people saw their favorite character, they have a broad smile on their faces.

Now you can move forward to the second part of your essay. Of course, when you see words like “saving the world” or “fighting enemies”, you probably think that your hero will be the perfect creature with extra abilities and strong character. With it, your paperwork will turn into conflict resolution essay. At this part, you will also need an example of different personages. Most of them are Metahumans with superhuman powers. Of course, this variant will work perfectly, but is this all you want? Refresh your memory with stories about Spider-Man or Batman. Yes, they are saving the world and fighting with criminals, but is it the only thing they are doing? No, they are humans too. It`s the way they wear the mask to hide their identity. Every time they are facing difficult choices and need of making the right decision. With that point, authors are trying to show us people`s problems by putting it on an interesting background. With this method, the reader could see two sides of the story:

  • An interesting part of fights, action scenes and beautiful pictures.
  • The deep meaning part where you can understand the temper of his favorite hero, understand his motivation and keep reading story to find more information.

It`s your choice, which type of hero you will have in the end. He may be positive or negative. In fact, it doesn`t matter. He should look like a human in real life. Just show the reader that your character has a strong temper and his principles are unchanged. Of course, you don`t need to write the philosophical text about the severity of choice. Combine two sides of the hero`s story and it will be a great essay. You can read more about writing essays on other essay writing services provided by our writers.

Finally, the third part of your text. Conclusion, where you must sum up all parts and say, who your hero really is. The reader must understand what he is reading about. It is the core part of an essay.  Here you can write three-four sentences about being a hero. Is it hard or not? You can say about difficulties that hero faces during his life and his motivation. However, the main idea you should mark is why you think he is a hero. What is the key to becoming him?

As you see, hero essay isn`t just story about the cool person who is strong and smart. It`s something more. If you enjoyed our article, you can use it for writing your essay or look for other texts in our essay writing service. Once you will come and say: “It’s my hero essay. I like hope you enjoy it”.

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