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This essay on the evolution of the resistivity of the biological objects is written by cheap essay writer who knows a thing or two about academic essay writing. Enjoy!

All biological objects on Earth and all the living organisms in general, wage a disastrous war against each other. This war is accompanied by an arms race; all the participants constantly develop. In biology, a race is an evolution, that is, a change in the properties of biological objects even of the future generations. Evolution is not primarily about how a giraffe got a long neck how a horse got the hoofs, but all the living beings including human beings, flora and fauna adapt to the environment that surrounds us, survive with each other and adjust to the changes of other species.

Let's take a look at our species. What is the difference between our ancestors - monkeys and us? Obviously, it is not the upright posture, the size of the brain, our ability to reflect and out intellect which allows us to create incredible things. It turns out that the gene that has changed the most since we were monkeys is one of the genes associated with the immune system. Thus, the main thing that genetically differs us from our ancestors is that we have to deal with other pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and evolution is a crucial problem in this case. According to particular surveys, up to 30% of deaths that occur on Earth are related to the fact that the evolution of simple single-cell or clonal systems occurs. These can be viruses, bacteria that adapt to our body. It might also be the cells which get out of control and either stop dividing or begin to divide intensively which leads to oncological diseases.

Natural selection is a powerful force. Most of the changes take place under the influence of this simple process discovered by Charles Darwin. The process of selection is directed not at evolution and adaptation to environmental conditions, but at adaptation to constant changes. Therefore, natural selection is a very fast and very intensive process. If you have no ideas who Charles Darwin is, this article is something you need.

In the process of natural selection, pathogens have a significant handicap. It is connected with the fact that they are able to evolve much faster than the agent does, just because the length of a person's generation is about 20 years, and the period of a generation, for example, of a virus or a bacteria, is a few days or hours. That’s why they are able to move in this possible gigantic space of genotypes, that is, to change and respond to the possible ways of protection that we come up with, much faster and more efficiently than we are able to respond to them. The second reason why pathogens have a handicap is that they are often able to mutate much faster. Viruses, especially if we are talking about viruses whose genomes are based on RNA molecules, which are now the biggest problem for the humankind. We have a little surprise for your readers. This is an essay on how to write a perfect argumentative essay. Read the post at

Throughout the history of the development of the biology, mankind tried to fight pathogens by changing the properties of its own organism. In this case, natural selection takes place on our own genetic alterations; it defends us against viruses and pathogens more effectively. There are defense mechanisms, primarily our immune system, which appeared as a result of evolution over many millions of years. In addition, over the past decades, we have learned to actively guide the growth of pathogens manually, for example, by means of drugs like vaccines. This is the most crucial attempt of humanity to direct evolution artificially, for example, how to make antibiotics work more effectively for you. However, from the theoretical point of view, this task has not yet been completely understood. Ready to get the best essay service? Sign up on our website to make all your homework assignments disappear in the blink of an eye.

The pathogens are known to produce antibiotic resistance. The question is how should antibiotics be used in order make this process more or less intensive and slow down the development of the resistance? The secret is that antibiotics should be used in a fixed amount and for an extended period in order to minimize the growth of pathogens in our body to achieve the goal we discussed before. First of all, one needs to get rid of all the symptoms in such a way and then, reduce the risks of the development of the resistance. When we use any drugs, we give a particular advantage in terms of the selection of that type of the pathogen that is resistant to this drug. Therefore, the more intense we use antibiotics, the stronger this selective advantage. There are other effective ways to improve your immune system. For example, proper nutrition will become a good benefit for your immune system, and our writers want to share a couple of tips on this topic with you

Now there is a considerable controversy concerning antibiotics, and perhaps the idea the idea of the effective utilization of the antibiotics in order to slow down the development of the resistance that was mentioned before is wrong. Probably other strategies will work better, or one just needs to use short, the intermittent course of treatment, or in general, it should be short. Apparently, one should try to reduce the concentrations, and it will allow to slow down the development of the resistance. This is important due to that existence of a so-called "wild" pathogen which develops the resistive pathogens much faster than the stable one. Therefore, if one stops using the drugs, the resistive pathogens will start dying. Maybe, there might be another outcome. One stops using antibiotics and other drugs of this kind, and this resistance will develop much slower to let the natural selection do its job allowing “wild” pathogens to defeat stable ones.

It is essential to consider all the details to choose an appropriate strategy. For example, if resistance arises due to new mutations, it is necessary to use the increased amount of antibiotics, or this drug already exists in the environment in the air on in the soil or anywhere else and there is no need to increase the dose of the antibiotics and the duration of the course of treatment. Perhaps one needs to use some kind of a mixed strategy: first, the maximum possible dose (for example, in case of tuberculosis), second, when it appears that resistance have already started developing and one should reduce the dose of the antibiotics. What type of strategy should be chosen and how to customize the program with regard to the personal features of the patient is a fundamental theoretical question.

The further theoretical research will help to solve this problem. The help of mathematicians who are able to model biological processes, in particular, evolutionary and ecological ones, is crucial. Now there is a significant intervention of mathematicians into biology in various fields of knowledge, for example, in the field of data analysis. In biology, such calculations are essential in order to come up with the custom mathematical model and draw appropriate conclusions. There are others more safe ways to boost your immune system, which you can use instead of antibiotics and other drugs, which might increase the resistance of your body to them.

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