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Read an essay dedicated to the understanding of the psyche of other people provided by our dissertation editing service team.

When it comes to understanding the psyche of another person, in relation to the human psyche, it turns out to be one of the most important branches of knowledge. In fact, the mindset of another person or a psyche of another person is of a great interest for us even due to biological reasons. We are born with lesser genetic information compared with other, more organized species, like ants, monkeys, thus, we are much less prepared for the life, in other words, we know literally nothing about the world we are about to live in. Thus, we rely mostly on experience, which gives us a so-called flexibility, certain variability, diversity and the opportunity to master the experience, which is mastered by animals rather badly. It is an experience that contains both theoretical and practical knowledge about the world, its culture, traditions etc. Since our life is mostly based on instinctive behavior, it is physically impossible to preserve all the experience and knowledge of our ancestors and use it to modify our behavior. Our experience develops as we live and it is modified due to the interaction with other people. This is a specific feature of the human being. The matter of experience is much more complicated than you think and our writers want to share their knowledge with you

The way people talk and behave in a society largely depends on the anthropogenic factor. Today, there are a number of studies that try to analyze even the relationships between mother and infant as a very specific behavior for human beings that is not peculiar to animals. Originally, affection studies were based on the ones dedicated to animal behavior, but today, there is a hypothesis that such type of a behavior of human beings differs from the animal one. However, thanks to the dynamic nature of evolution, such relations change all the time and different species display affection incompletely different ways. However, apparently one can assume that our affection is directly connected with the process of cognition of another psyche, it is displayed by the attitude of the adults towards their children, which also have their own psyche, their own point of view and the way they perceive information. This is observed, for example, in the suggestion of new forms of behavior, as an adult teaches a child something. Another good example is the tendency of the adults to teach their children something. That is why it turns out that for a child it is extremely important to understand the psyche of another person. Since the beginning of the 80s of the XX century, this was a separate branch of knowledge aimed at the process of cognition of the psyche for a long time. Then, it turned out that a child tries to understand another people’s psyches as a separate aspect of reality in order to perceive the world around us, which has nothing to do with the psyche.

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This theory seemed to be very promising, and it showed that a four-year-old child begins to understand it, but later this theory was rather strictly criticized by most of the scientists. Most of the criticism was aimed at the questions this theory made an attempt to answer. According to this theory, it will be enough for the child just to answer simple questions that will reveal the secrets of his or her perception. However, it is very difficult for the children up to six years to express their thoughts and opinion since there are plenty of things they just don't understand. Therefore, when trying to study psyche from this point of view, it appears to be meaningless since the child doesn't even know such a thing as the psyche.

Then, plenty of other ways to solve this problem appeared, which didn't require a verbal response of the subject. In particular, for example, there was a method based on the habits intended to reveal the hidden secrets of the child’s psyche without referring to verbal response. Despite the number of times, we will show something to a child, his or her attention is very fragile since the child is more likely to get tired and it is possible to benefit from it. For example, when his or her attention drops to 50%, the scientists changed some details on the picture and attention returned to the original point but only in the condition if the child noticed it. However, if he or she didn’t, then, his or her attention would continue dropping. This is the basis for a very large number of studies of infants. However, the studies also showed that when one tries to find an object but the place is wrong and the attention of the child also returns to the original point. Thus, one can say for sure that even year-old children can distinguish wrong and right actions of another person.

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Then, the terms of the experiment were changed. The child wasn't to predict what another person will do, and the child himself/herself was asked to find this object while he/she is watched and the one who watches might know something about the place where this object is hidden. There is a screen with a rolling ball but besides this one, the child sees a blue big-eyed Smurf on the screen.  The child might have noticed that this Smurf actually saw where is the ball and that this Smurf doesn't have a clue where the ball is. It turned out that the child him/herself is looking for an object located in a certain place for a long time if the one who looked after this child knows the wrong place of this object’s location. That is, purely at the level of perception, at the level of the movement of our eyes, people take into account the knowledge of another people that are in the field of our perception. It turns out that one literally perceives the psyche of other beings. This was shown on 7-month-old babies. In general, at the present time, data on the possibility of recognizing the psyche of another person continue dropping. If you also suffer from lack of attention, you can use this tips on how to be more focused on working or studying and we hope it will be really helpful.

If we talk about the possibility to fix not the views of another, but, for example, such a very general feature of the human being, as the consistency of behavior. All the people that surround a child play a role of a certain visual experience for him/her. People are moving around, doing something, talking, and the child perceives these actions as events in the surrounding reality. However, if all the people and actions they performed are perceived as the buzzing and noises for the child, as William James tried to convince others, the discussion of the consistency of the behavior has no point at all. However, if all these actions are integral and distinctive for the child, and represents a particular object, that takes place in the surrounding reality, then this child should be surprised if these actions are chaotic and unpredictable.

In relation to the children, there was another experiment conducted in the late 80s, during which a mother was asked to talk to her baby and type every conversation. These videos were presented to the child with either real behavior of the mother (she talk to him/her, these actions were recorded and shown to the child immediately, thus, the actual behavior of his/her mother corresponds his/her own actions) or the video recording of his/her mother's behavior a week or two weeks ago and thus the mother talks not to current him/her but to the one that was a couple of weeks ago and thus the child sees certain deviations of their behavior. It turned out that already 3-month-old babies in this case show dissatisfaction, look away, get angry, show their hostile attitude towards these recordings, thereby showing the scientists that they recognized the consistency of adult behavior, recognized the adults as not just some events in the surrounding reality, but as a separate, independent objects.

By the way, psychology also can teach you how to see and recognize people’s intentions and even read their mind, to some extent. Just follow the link and read this article.

As a result, today, the researchers in the field of developmental psychology gradually give up the idea that the understanding of the psyche sometimes arises later than the understanding of the surrounding reality and the understanding that the recognition of the psyche, the knowledge of the psychic exists from the very beginning and changes only to a certain extent. The scientists need to answer several simple questions: what is the degree of these changes, when does it start and when does it stop.

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