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If you want to make sure our cheap dissertation help is reliable, just read this essay on the basic concept of social roles.

What social roles can play an adult member of society? What can trigger an actual conflict between social roles? What did the social psychological experiments of Milgram and Zimbardo show? These and other questions are answered in this essay on social roles as one of the most important discoveries in the sociology.

The role is one of the basic concepts of sociology. All first-year students who only start studying sociology are primarily taught to look at social behavior as playing of specific fixed roles. It is clear that "role" is a term taken from the theater. An actor or an actress perform something on the stage without being able to change it since they will cause anger of the director. The same thing happens in society. We all play our social roles, and every divergence might be misunderstood or even judged by other members of a community. It is impossible to avoid the imminent influence of culture on our personality, and we want you to be able to evaluate the degree of this influence. Read this essay on how does society influence personality.

Each of us plays a specific role, follows a particular pattern of behavior. These patterns are called a role set. Robert Merton first introduced this concept, stating that every healthy adult member of society has plenty of these patterns of behavior. Various social and cultural factors predispose the development of specific roles, and we can't control it. However, they are still the roles the formation of which we can control.  Some of these patterns are called ascriptive, and they are formed under the influence of innate features, for example, race or sex. If you play a wrong social role, in many counties it will cause unpleasant consequences.

Other roles are generally chosen freely by an individual. For example, the counties where the choice of the profession is not obligatory inherited and an individual can easily select any job he or she wants without regard the ones of his or her ancestors provide free choice of social role. Specific social roles do not imply a long term of playing. For example, when it comes to profession, it predisposes that a person will work for years. However, every person can turn into somebody else overnight appropriate the features that are not peculiar to this individual and give up doing it in the blink of an eye. Our essay on religion will help you to understand how religion defines social roles and what the role of religion in the process of social role formation is

The roles are not some passive feature each of us has since social roles might conflict with each other. Even the roles one individual play can cause a particular disagreement. Every social role has a set of features, and these might conflict with each other coercing an individual to behave abnormally and do strange and very contradictive things. For example, let's take a school teacher who has to teach his or her child along with other children. As a rule, a teacher should equally love and support all the children, but he or she pays a little bit more attention to his or her child. The teacher should make sure all the children will complete their homework assignment, but he or she wants own child to complete all the tasks better than others. In this case, this is a conflict of social roles, and that's why most of the teachers prefer not to teach their children. This is an insignificant conflict, and indeed there might be even worse ones.

The concept of a role is essential to study the behavior of people interacting with other members of society. Besides, the notion of social roles might help to learn both social structures in general and a particular situation that happens around us in a community. As a rule, we know precisely what role in the society we currently play, but still, we have a small degree of choice. Also, sometimes it appears that another role could have been chosen with the same set of participants. Usually, in such a situation, people feel awkwardness, but those who are well aware of their social roles know the ways to avoid or deal with this awkwardness. For example, a surgeon in the course of surgery is surrounded by the assistants and nurses, and he or she considers all of them from the professional point of view. However, according to Erving Hoffman, a so-called role-playing distance might occur, and it will force the surgeon to behave abnormally. For example, he or she could start telling a joke or a story.

Moreover, such a role-playing distance will be much appreciated by the nurses and assistants especially if the operation is complicated and last for a couple of hours. Everyone got tired, and a joke can make this moment less tense and stressful. If the patient is conscious in the course of the operation, the doctor can calm him or her down saying something funny or captivating.

To some extent, this is a good distraction. The skill of role-playing distance is as valuable as the ability to perform your social role. A social role is a sort of a limitation which we are obliged to experience. However, what do you know about freedom? Read more at

Social roles vary according to the way they absorb an individual or the way they should consume an individual. One of the most important discoveries of social psychology is that the roles that we play at the moment determine how we see this situation, what we feel about this situation, and what standards we are guided by at the moment. Considering the description of the role set and the role-playing distance one would think that most people in most situations choose the role set completely reflexively. They are positive that they are aware of the role played and others are aware of it as well, and that's why such people laugh at themselves ironically.

A significant part of modern playwriting and a considerable amount of socio-psychological literature is devoted to the theory that, despite apparent conventionality of roles, despite the fact that the word “role” taken from the theater has firmly settled in our language, we, as a rule, do not consider these roles to be conventional. Two common pieces of evidence of this point of view are the socio-psychological experiments of Milgram and Zimbardo, which demonstrate that people who have to play a particular role even a conventional one began to behave following the pattern of this role if their behavior is horrible, intolerable and unbelievable and they realize it.  Both of them experimented with social student psychologists who was one of the most liberal groups of young people.

One of the scientists forced these students to behave like correctional officers. Most of these students as performers of a specific role or representatives of a particular class of people or a certain cultural environment were very kind and friendly people. Both experiments showed that during them, students felt their duty to play the role that they had in a specific situation, although when they played another role, they considered this role completely unacceptable.

Milgram's experiment was aimed at identifying the hidden sadistic features peculiar to all the people in general, and the students were asked to play the role of an assistant in a so-called experiment. During this experiment, they had access to the device which could hit with electricity. This one was connected to the nonexistent subject, and for the incorrect answers to the questions, this student should hit this subject with electricity. There were three divisions of the scare: "painful," "very painful" and the skull which meant death.  According to the results of his experiment less than a half of people reached “painful”, even less number of people reached “very painful”, and finally, approximately three percent of the students reached the “skull” and thus, the scientist revealed their hidden sadistic nature since they could easily go to the very end. At the same time, all the students demonstrated their dissatisfaction during the experiment, they tried to behave in such a way to show the scientist that they are unhappy with this activity but they also said that the only thing that forced them to do it is the fact that their deeds were on behalf of the science. This is strong evidence that we all are obliged to play specific roles despite the fact whether we want it or not.

Somewhere at the very beginning, including social role theory, there was the work of an American social psychologist named George Herbert Mead, who claimed that learning social roles we can reconsider ourselves from the point of view of another person. Usually, the children play the roles of adults, boys play their fathers and girls play their mothers, etc. Thus, people always try to see the world through other eyes from the very childhood. When we play computer games, we also play the roles of the characters we play, and that's why all the games put so many efforts in the game since they feel the connection between them and their characteristics.

We consider ourselves in the frame of our society and high moral authority and only thanks to the fact that we usually consider ourselves from the various points of view, we can resist the influence of this society. The experiments of Milgram and Zimbardo or the work of Hoffman on the social psychology of day-to-day interaction show us that this is a very optimistic point of view on human nature. We are still much more dependent on our social environment, on the role that we were given just before the beginning of the performance, than on any general opinions about the quality of the play. This experiment was perhaps one of the main discoveries in social psychology in the 20th century. Are you aware of the significant events in Psychology of the 20th century? You are about to read about them all. Just follow the link.

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