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Any issue to tackle requires special skills. These ones can be acquired at work, at the university etc. However, in order to master these skills faster, one has to develop both mind and body. In order to develop more effectively, first of all, it is necessary to control our time since usually people blame lack of time let alone laziness. That’s why simple ways allowing to get the system up and running will be more than necessary. It is also will be useful for dissertation paper but if have no desire to write it, order the best dissertation writing service on our website and continue reading.

In order to facilitate self-development and accelerate the memorizing of information, our academic essay writing service elaborated a couple of useful tips.

1. Wise morning

Wake up early in the morning. It is a good habit of every successful person. These couple of hours might be spent to do something. Thus, in the evening, you will be free to relax and spend time with pleasure rather than working. Having wakened up, drink a glass of water, preferably warm. It will help to clear your mind and thoughts, especially if this night was followed by nightmares. Moreover, since our body from 50%-70% consists of water, this is one of the most important substances for our body. In fact, people should drink at least two liters of water per day to be healthier and stronger. That, the best choice of yours will be morning exercises. This is the best way for our body and mind to wake up since usually it takes at least an hour to pull yourself together without it. Thus, you can easily exclude coffee from your life since it is rather harmful to our heart-vascular system.  Don’t forget that from now on, you should eat only healthy food that contains all the essential substances and vitamins for normal functioning of the body.

2. Make plans

Simple to do list will save plenty of time since the most time we spend to recall what we should do. Moreover, it can help more accurately and precisely define the work to do, determine the sequence and time necessary to complete it. Spend at least fifteen minutes in the evening to elaborate the plan since morning is usually dedicated to waking up, pull yourself together, make breakfast etc. Also, all the work that has to be done can be divided based on their difficulty. This division can help to deal with the hardest ones first while you still have enough energy to do it and the easiest ones in the evening.  For the first time, it might be difficult to make up a really good plan but with these useful tips on plan elaboration, you can easily deal with it within eighteen minutes.

3. Proper rest

This is not a surprise. Most of the scientist support a theory that any person needs a good rest to charge up. Those, we don't rest at all suffer from insomnia, exhaust, and other psychological and physical problems. For example, working at the computer, relax at least fifteen minutes every hour. Due to the large stress both for eyes and brain and efficiency drops sharply. However, rest should be properly combined with work since it can be followed by laziness and lack of desire to do something at all. Now, having considered wisely your assignments, you realized that it is better to choose our website for editing and proofreading to make sure your paper is written correctly.

4. Develop both hemispheres of the brain

Human is known to have two hemispheres but only one actually operates. It, not our fault since our education is aimed at such an approach. The left hemisphere is dominating one. There are plenty of games intended to synchronize both hemispheres so they could work beneficially for an individual. Hardworking is also a good way to develop both hemispheres by means of overflowing of information. Read more about it on

5. Foreign languages

In most of the foreign countries pupils and students study two languages, native and foreign ones. Thus, they have enough knowledge to communicate with foreigners being abroad. However, deep foreign language knowledge is necessary not only for translators and interpreters but also for those who want to cooperate with foreign companies, make new friends abroad or just to be able to communicate with people traveling from country to country. Foreign languages studying also develops our memory and other mental processes thus we can faster memorize a large amount of information for a short period of time. There are a couple of ways to facilitate and accelerate studying of foreign languages. These are simple and anybody can find enough time to use at least one of them.

Definitely, there are plenty of other ways to facilitate personal growth like reading, various courses, sport but these ones were singled out since it is a basis to continue customizing the personal approach to self-development. Life is actually easy controllable it depends on the desire to change it. Such methods like planning or time management can seriously facilitate day-to-day activity and life in general. It is your choice and your responsibility to grow and develop your body and mind

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