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When we talk about laziness we discuss only the war we wage against it but we never actually talk about the very essence of this phenomena even though it is necessary to get rid of it. In this essay, we will try to show you several approaches used to understand or even explain laziness. It might be lack of motivation, psychological problems originated to childhood, fear of responsibility, etc.

This psychological analysis of the laziness phenomenon will be aimed at its diversity to understand it better and find the best ways to get rid of it or realize that you do not need to get rid of it. Let's find out!

Laziness as a lack of motivation

Laziness can be considered not only as a lack of desire to do something in general but as a lack of willingness to do something specific. The reasons are the following:

  • Unconscious resistance. Laziness is a kind of warning signal that indicates that you don’t want to do something or to go somewhere. This is a sort of a riot inside of your mind that resists every time you are about to do something you do not want to.
  • No negative stimulus. For example, the work or one person is done by somebody else. Thus, the one who does nothing realizes that if he or she keeps doing nothing, there won’t be any problems. This is peculiar to the children who have all the homework assignments done by the parents.
  • No personal benefit. Most people who have a vested interest are usually not inclined to be lazy.

Laziness as a weakness

This one of the most propagated point of view on laziness. To do something you need to refer to your will and laziness is the absence of this will. To overcome laziness in this case, you need to become more disciplined and organized. Planning and scheduling of your day-to-day activities will help you to manage your time and have enough motivation to do something. If you are too vulnerable to various stress inciters and distractors, you need to become a mentally stable person. In this article, all the most effective ways to achieve this goal are listed.

Laziness as an individual style

Laziness is a part of a particular individual system of psychological levers, to which a person consciously or spontaneously refers. Some people need to do nothing for a while (to be lazy) to reach the necessary level of psychological stress and subsequently start working effectively. Our writers know a perfect recipe to overcome stress, and they want to share it with you, follow the link

Laziness as intuition

Probably, all of us came across the situation when we didn't do something because of our laziness, and then, it appeared that there wasn't any necessity to do anything at all. Thus, it will be reasonable to talk about laziness in the frame of intuition. Therefore, laziness is a sort of an inner voice that sometimes gives useful pieces of advice but sometimes it may fail you. There is no need to follow the voice of your laziness blindly. You say: “write an excellent argumentative essay for me," we do the job perfectly well. Our company is capable of any

Laziness as a pursuit of pleasure

Laziness can also be considered as a way to enjoy the process without waiting for the results. For example, you need to do something terribly difficult, and it will take a lot of your time, but then you will feel the relief as the result of the completed work. However, you understand that there is no need to do something at all and enjoy the very final and the most pleasant part. Thus, laziness is triggered by the goal to get pleasure.

Laziness as fear of responsibility

If you do nothing, you won’t be responsible for anything. Some people due to various reasons like too much attention from their parents are afraid of taking any responsibility. They always consider any possibility of taking responsibility as a threat. Laziness helps such people to avoid responsibility. However, there is a still a chance to overcome responsibility fear, and you can use this chance. These tips are aimed at this goal, and they should help you to face responsibility with dignity and bravery.

Laziness as a defense reaction

Laziness is not always something entirely negative. For example, sometimes it may serve as a sign that a person is fatigued either mentally or physically. Therefore, if you worked too hard these days, this might be a sign that it is time for you to get a rest. Thus, when you that laziness takes over, you probably just need to take a break.

Laziness also has mental protective functions. For example, when a person feels helplessness and realizes that he or she just can't change anything, it seems to be reasonable to do nothing. Another good example with a person who has overweight and this problem is the reason for him or her being lazy. If he or she loses the weight, he or she will also lose the reasons for being passive and thus, he or she will be forced to look for another excuse for being lazy.

Laziness as a stimulus to progress

Usually, too lazy people are looking for ways to simplify their work, that is to reduce the time spent doing something. At least a hundred years ago people had to do much more work than we have to do today. To some extent, laziness forces people to create new ways to simplify their life, their work, their studying, etc. For example, if a person starts thinking about how to deal with the task much faster instead of start doing it at once, he or she will be accused of being lazy. Therefore, he or she will stop thinking about it and thus, lose an opportunity to save a lot of time.

Laziness as an activity

Laziness is the desire to do something that is not the most important and relevant at the moment. After all, laziness is not actually when you are doing nothing. It is also an activity, only less significant in this situation. For example, reading a book is undoubtedly an activity. However, if a person needs to make a report at this time, reading will be regarded as laziness. Thus, laziness is not the absence of activity, but non-priority activity. By the way, reading has an even more significant impact on our brain. Read about the apparent benefits of reading on our website

As you can see, even such an ordinary concept as laziness can be so complicated and multileveled. We hope you will continue paying your attention and studying such phenomena in order to understand them better and make your life much more interesting.

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