Essay On Divorce: Why Do We Ruin Family Life


Over the past decade, people's worldview has changed dramatically. In today's society, most people changed their attitude toward divorce, believing that it can be the only way out of the prevailing circumstances, which cause dissatisfaction with family life. Such irresponsible attitude to divorce has arisen because of the prevalence of this phenomenon. Divorce causes the loss of cultural and family values in modern society. Nowadays, people do not care about public opinion, which influences many aspects of their lives. Earlier everyone tried to give advice and convince a couple to preserve the family by any means. Now society is absorbed with its own problems and no one focuses on divorced people. This is the norm. Most of people do not realize that the family is a union of partners as well as people united by the same aim. They have to strive for this goal and solve problems arising in the process of family formation together. Before starting to write cause and effect essay on divorce or any other, you can visit our Services. It can help you to improve your work.

In recent decades, social psychology evoked a strong interest to the issue of conflict in the family. Conflict is a mandatory component of family life. No matter how happy the couple is, competing interests can arise at any time.

Let’s identify several levels of marital relationship when conflicts may occur in this essay about divorce:

  1. Psychophysiological. Disharmony manifests itself in violation of the sexual life. Although this phenomenon is quite common, only a few people note it as the main reason for the divorce.

  2. Psychological. Ruinous circumstances occur in a family. They manifest in constant quarrels and irritability, which often vented on children.

  3. Socio-role. Disorder of this level of stability is shown by abnormal, unequal distribution of family and household duties, by chaotic family life.

  4. Socio-cultural (spiritual). Conflicts take the form of misunderstanding between spouses due to lack of respect and interest towards communication with a partner, rejection of each other’s life values and ideals.

Causes of the conflict can diverse at a particular level. Here is the list of the main reasons for conflicts, which you can include in your cause and effect of divorce essay. Don’t worry if you have no time to write your own work. We can help you to write an excellent essay on divorce or any other you need. Our website has the best paper writing services and can provide you with a high-quality work.

1. Hasty marriage or mercenary marriage

A larger percentage of divorces happens because of early marriage, as immature and infantile couples with low spiritual and social level of development get married and they put sex at the foundation of their marriage. Women implement male duties now, because roles have changed recently. Some people marry because of money. It can be the main reason for family conflicts and cause the divorce.

2. Misconduct

Infidelity is one of the most common cause for divorce in many countries. Adultery can be found in families with prosperous and stable relationships, though more often it can be noticed in families with conflicts, problems and ruinous relationships between spouses. Ethical education and the overall culture of the people play a huge role here.

According to the American sexologist Kinsey, the following circumstances are the causes of extramarital sexual relations:

  • The big attraction and diversity of these relations, resulting in new and better female partners in terms of sex. Some men with extramarital affairs are more gallant and gentle with other women than with his wife.

  • Men and women go for misconduct because of social or professional advancement in many cases.

  • Some of the cases of infidelity happen due to the desire of a man or a woman "pay back" to the other spouse (if adultery occurred).

  • Extramarital sexual intercourse can be a source of new emotional experiences.

3. Sexual dissatisfaction with each other

According to sociologists, divorces often occur because of the dissatisfaction within the intimate life. Intimate communication without sincere feelings is a common physiological act, which isn’t characterized by any attraction. Young couples usually think that the deficiency of their sexual life can be smoothed out by itself. However, the innate instinct of procreation and life experience are not enough to achieve harmony in the intimate sphere of life. Couples have to be sure that they like each other, both of them seek for intimacy, which will bring them full satisfaction. Only the mutual desire can provide pleasure.

4. Incompatibility of characters and views

Some character flaws (demonstrative, authoritarianism, indecision, and the like) may be a source of conflicts in the family. There are traits that lead to destruction of marriage, regardless of the desire of partners to adapt. Let’s take egocentric traits as the example. Usually a spouse tends to see the selfishness of a partner and does not notice own flaws.

5. Lack of psychological and practical readiness for family life.

As studies have shown, one of the main causes for divorce is psychological and practical unpreparedness of the spouses to the family life (42% of divorces). It is shown by the crudeness of spouses, mutual insults and humiliations, lack of attention to each other, unwillingness to help in household and parenting. Absence of common spiritual interests, greed of a spouse, unpreparedness to cooperate, inability to eliminate conflicts are also the factors that guarantee a person will not be ready for the family life.

6. Hard drinking

Abuse of alcohol is a traditional divorce motive and takes the second place of all causes. Alcoholism is an addiction, which was formed on the basis of regular drinking for a number of years and was caused by situational moments, educational defects, low culture. Chronic alcoholism should be distinguished from typical drunkenness. Such type of habit leads to mental disorders and a number of other diseases that need medical treatment. A spouse using alcohol excessively creates an abnormal environment in family, constant conflicts and scandals. It brings stressful situations for all members of the family and especially for children.

7. Child birth

Life of a young family becomes complicated with the birth of the first child. Spouses do not have any experience with parenting, worry about insignificant matters and can even get in a flap. Waiting for a baby is a real test for feelings, and child’s birth is a test for strength of family ties. Both spouses should divide and fulfil all parenting cares and take special delicacy and sensitivity to each other. Fear for the child (especially in the first year of his life) causes quarrels and disagreements between young parents and can be the reason for the divorce.

Divorce is a strong emotional and mental shock, which does not pass unnoticed for couples and becomes painful experience for them. Most of former spouses fall into depression, which may be more severe and longer than after the death of a spouse. People are afraid to marry again after the divorce. Supportive friends and relatives are very important for a divorced person. But they rarely express their sympathy. Almost all parents do not understand, criticize, accuse or blame their children for failure. Despite the reasons of divorce, both spouses have to adapt to the changed conditions of life.

Divorces are accompanied by consequences, which influence spouses as well as their children. Increasing number of divorces leads to a hard trouble many couples and their kids are going through. It affects the children’s morale in different ages. If you are interested, you can read essay about divorce effects on children. Preschoolers usually feel fear, self-doubt and blame themselves in their parents' divorce. Older children express their anger directly. Most children settle down for a year or two after the divorce, although some of them feel unhappy and lonely for longer time.

Modern society is a community of free temper and moral principles. Nowadays many couples have conflicts, which they can’t stand. Both fights in marriage and the following divorce affect children tremendously yet still almost invisibly. The aftermath of the break up becomes evident many years later. It is a concealed problem that people take decisions concerning family’s prosperity without considering immediate and permanent consequences. Divorce is a painful process, which sets a question if a promised relief is worth of the doubtful outcome. If you would like to find useful essays, you have to visit our blog.

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