Divorce Effects On Children Essay


Most of family problems were actual long time ago. Incomplete families, divorces, conflicts between spouses, problems of loneliness had existed earlier but did not attract as much attention as it does nowadays. Besides, people became more aware of love, spiritual affinity and understanding, sex.

Getting married does not guarantee a person full happiness and solving possible problems at once. Marriage is formation of interrelations between a spouse, children and relatives every day. Most of people have a serious attitude towards it. They hope to live long and happy family life. Unfortunately, not all couples are capable of preserving their families. They may have conflicts and quarrels leading to divorces and unpleasant consequences.

Divorce, being a formal termination of marriage, leads to break of relationships between husband and wife but not between spouse and children. Despite the number of kids in a family, divorces can cause the problems of further financial and psychological welfare of a child, division of responsibilities for a kid care, paying alimony and building relations between former spouses and their child. You will find information useful for you in the effects of divorce on children essay. If you need an essay of other topic, you can order it at

The impact of parents’ divorce on a child can be positive as well as negative and it also depends on its reasons, relations between husband and wife and the relationship of each parent with the child. I suggest you to read both sides in this effect of divorce on children essay.

Divorce as a process itself does not influence a child negatively. However, disintegration of a family without any apparently acute conflicts between parents can negatively affect the behavior and success of the child. In the first place, a divorce for a child is stress, which can lead to anti-social behavior, conflict with one of the parents, a wish to grow up quickly under conditions of weakening parental control. A number of studies have shown that a child, who has gone through a divorce, undergoes a greater influence on behavior than the one who has experienced the death of a parent. In addition, a number of researchers noted that children, who have gone through the divorce of their parents, study worse at school, start their sex life earlier and often give birth to children out of a partnership. They are getting married sooner than it may happen and divorce faster because their perceptions of family life are formed in a negative way. Such negative impact on children's success can be explained by economic problems and tensions between divorced parents as well as the fact of living in incomplete family.

Dwelling of minor child in a decaying family, where lame relations and conflicts between parents predominate, does not guarantee kid’s prosperity. Deviant behavior of one of the parents like alcoholism, drug addiction, violence is a meaningful cause for breaking up. Divorce plays a positive role in such cases.  It helps a child to escape from the constant stress and experiences.

It is typical for both boys and girls to manifest less positive emotions during the process of divorce and the first time after it.  Although boys tend to have more aggressive behavior after their parents’ divorce, girls experience greater negative effect of divorce that forms wrong impression of future family life.

Children’s age plays an important role in their reaction to the divorce. A more adult child is experiencing more stress during the disorder in the relationship of parents, constant quarrels and conflicts. Separation of parents can improve the psychological condition of the child during this period. Most children can also feel betrayed by their parents and may even start to hate the one who has left their family. The moment when one of spouses is leaving their house is the most painful point for younger kids. They want their parents to get back together. Younger children can blame themselves that their parents are going to divorce and are not capable of getting rid of such thoughts. Getting through the divorce, they become more dependent on their parents: they need more care and love.

It is necessary to mention aspects of impact of parents’ separation on a minor child in effects of divorce on children essay:

  • Possible conflict between parents. The conflict between the parents in the family leading to divorce can go on after the divorce. Good relationships between parents after divorce, as well as regular contact between the child and his mother and father are necessary for a child’s gradual adaptation to divorce situation. However, cases of the preserved conflict between the former spouses often lead to prohibitions of meetings, communication and worsening of relationship between the child and the custodial parent, and increase the likelihood of a child’s depression.
  • Negative relationship between a parent and a child. In the case of the negative relationship between a parent and a child, the court prefers to assign custody of the child to the parent with better relations and treatment. Nonetheless, stress, emotions and changes in kid’s behavior can lead to a worsening of relationship between a child and a cohabiting parent. The first two years after the divorce are the most difficult for the child and for his parents: they need certain time to adapt to new roles, relationships, changes in everyday practice. A parent, raising a child without a spouse, starts to combine the role of the single breadwinner and educator in the family. It may lead to the weakening of control over the behavior of the child as well as to the difficulties in child’s upbringing as it is impossible for one parent to compensate the absence of another one.
  • Changes in family structure due to appearance of new family members. Downgrading from a state of the parents to the divorced spouses can lead to a further change in their family situation: the former spouses may come together again, stay alone or create a family with new partners. The relationships between children and parents, who are divorced, lead to complications in family relations when mother and father start dating with new partners. Conflicts may appear between a child and a new parent as well as between spouses and children from different families in the case of second wedlock.

Divorce from a legal point of view, means the formal termination of a valid marriage between spouses, but not the termination of the relationship between parents and children. Common children are the link in the relationship between the former spouses. Each year, a significant number of children face the problem of family disintegration. Relationships between parents and children, living separately, are being formed in different ways after spouses break up. Researches have been disputing about the problem of the effect of divorces on the child's development and creation of new family for long period of time. There is no exact answer to the question of whether the divorce is bad or good. The situation of each disintegrating family is individual. In some cases, family breakdown leads to better psychological atmosphere in the family, material well-being, child development conditions. In other cases, divorce is a stressful situation for the child, the cause of changing one’s behavior and greatly affects the financial welfare of the family. In some families the relations between parents and children are not changed after the divorce, other families face the indifference. In the third ones cessations of communication of one of the parents and a child may happen due to the initiative of a parent oneself as well as due to the ban of a former spouse. If you would like to find more essays you can easily visit our blog. If you have some problems with writing essays, be sure that you will find necessary information using our service.

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