Essay On Health: How To Be Healthy


It is possible to spend your life following different diets or doing some special exercises, but we even cannot imagine, that it is possible to improve our health following the simple advices every day, that will not take a lot of your time. If you wish to get more information, it is possible to order the health and fitness essay on our site. You can be sure, that you will be satisfied with the results, because our professional essay writers will provide you with the best health insurance essay.

  1. It is recommended to take the cold shower. It will help you to improve your health and also you will have the great mood after it. Yes, it is very difficult to do it, but if you start from the warm shower and after that will make it more and more cold, you will reach your goal.
  2. If you wish to lose your weight and to be healthy, try not to eat for the short time. If it is impossible not to eat for you during the whole day, you need to try this method. You can eat everything, but only till 19:00 and on the next day, you should have the breakfast not earlier than 11:00. But you can drink everything you wish, for example coffee or water. The detailed information you can find in healthy eating essay.
  3. You should not do anything else when you are eating. It is because of the fact, that if you, for example, watch the film and eat at the same time, your body does not understand that you have eaten enough food. Because of it you should pay all the attention only to meal and turn off the TV.
  4. Just eat the black chocolate. It is very useful for your health, exactly for your heart and brain. You can find some negative comments on the Internet about chocolate, because people are sure, that you can put on weight, but you should remember, that if you eat not too much chocolate, it will not create any problem for you. As you can see, it  is up to you what to choose.
  5. You should forget about mobile phones, computers or any other devices for a few hours a day. You will be surprised, how free and relax you will be. It will give you a lot of power to do your job well and you will be able to have less stress.
  6. Drink coffee. It will prevent the cancer and will increase your health. Also, it will add you some energy and you will be able to do a lot of work, which you have planned to do.
  7. Find something new. If you study the foreign language, for example, your brain will work better. You should develop yourself every day and you will see, that you will be healthy and have a lot of positive emotions.
  8. The brain cannot be concentrated all the time and your body cannot be in the same position during any time. Because of it, you should change the position of the body every 20 minutes and your brain will get enough blood and will be able to work properly.
  9. Do you wish to have a lot of energy after you eat something? When you start to eat, you should estimate yourself via points from 0 to 10, where 0- is “very hungry” and 10 – “eat enough” and when you will be on the 7th point, you should stop eating. Because if you continue to eat, you will not be in the good shape later.
  10. Drink water with the lemon. It will help you to improve your health, you will get a lot of vitamins and minerals.
  11. You just need more walking. If you live near your office, do not use the bus or the car, but just walk. You will get a lot of energy and you can be sure, that your health will be improved a lot.
  12. It is needed to drink a lot of water every day. It seems, that everyone knows, how it is important for our body, but you should understand, that exactly the water gives you the power to do a lot of things. Just try to replace all what you drink to water and have a bottle with yourself. You will see, how many times you will drink it.
  13. It is needed to have the breakfast. It is the most important meal in a day. Even if you do not want to eat, just try a small piece of something. It will help you to wake up and your body will start properly. Also, it is possible to take some products with yourself and you can have the breakfast on the workplace.
  14. Spend your time in the sun. It does not matter, that you need to spend the whole day having the sun bathes, but a few minutes per day will be enough. You will get a lot of vitamin D and it is very good for your health.
  15. Sleep enough. If you know, that you need to do a lot of work tomorrow, try to sleep well. It does not mean, that you need to sleep 12 hours, the adult people should sleep 6-7 hours and the children 8-10. It is better to sleep less hours, but in the good conditions, than to sleep 12 hours, but to wake up every 2-3 hours. You will not get the satisfaction from this sleeping and because of it, you will not have enough power to do your work.
  16. Try something new. Our brain should have the new impressions and skills. You can change your daily actions and you will see, that it will be very interesting for you. For example, you are going to your work via one road. Try to change it and you will see, how many interesting things are around you.
  17. Did you notice, that people, which are moving a lot of time, have more energy and power to do something? At that time, when people, which do not like to move a lot can even find it difficult to walk. If you move, you live and if you do not want to do something, your brain and body become lazy. You will see, that it will be difficult for you to wake up in the morning, you will not have enough power, you will not have positive emotions and you will see the negative changes in your life. Because of it, if you wish to avoid it, you need to move.

To sum up, our health is our treasure. You need to understand, that only you can change your life and to be healthy. If you wish to order the essay on health care, you can do it on our site and you will be satisfied with the result because our professional writers will do their best to provide you with the high quality service.

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