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It seems, that everyone knows about about this president of the USA. He was very famous and popular and he created the history of the USA. But there are a lot of interesting facts in his life, which you do not know. Now, you can find this information in this article. If you wish to find more detailed information, you can place the order on our site and our assignment writers will be glad to provide you with the essays on George Washington.

  1. He was the highest president in the history of the USA. You can see it on all his portraits and sometimes, it was funny to see him among the people, that were not too high.
  2. He was the president for two times and he even was selected for the third time, but he refused to take this position. The interesting fact is, that he got 100% of the voices for the first and for the second time. The detailed description of this situation you can find in the George Washington biography essay. It will be a very good theme, if you are writing an observation essay, for example.
  3. He had never supported people, which wanted to have the slaves. He was against them and believed, that all people should be free. But he understood, that it is impossible to change the life of the people. Also, he understood, that the changes should be done step by step to avoid a lot of negative emotions. Because of it he did not do a lot in this sphere. He just showed his opinion, but he did not do anything.
  4. He was very popular among women, because he liked dancing a lot. It has something like his hobby and he could not sit on the same place when he heard the music. He was very polite and handsome, because of it almost all women liked him. The detailed information about this fact you can find in George Washington essays.
  5. He had a lot of hobbies when he did not work. He liked fishing, hunting and of course, dancing. It is said, when it was raining, he sat at home and played the cards during the whole day.
  6. If you wish to know the name of the president, whose inauguration speech was the shortest in the history, it is George Washington. His speech had only 133 words. But from the other side, it means, that he was very clever, because he did not write the long speech and he could explain everything in a few words. It seems to be the fact, because of which all people liked him.
  7. The interesting fact is, that he hated wearing wigs. His natural color of the hair was red and he had never wear the wigs, despite of the fact, that it was very popular and fashionable. But there are a lot of his portraits, where he is with the light hear. The answer is very easy – he just powdered his hair and because of it people thought, that he had the wigs.
  8. It is the known fact, that he did not have enough money to become the president. He borrowed $1500 from his friend, but when he was the president, his salary was $25000/month. It was a very good salary at that time, but he even asked about the financial help from the government later.
  9. Firstly, when he became the president, he did not take his salary, because he decided, that he could live without it, but later he decided to take the salary.
  10.  You even cannot imagine how many places have the name of George Washington. Up to 127 places, for example, different parks, streets and cities are connected with his name.
  11. He was the first president of the USA and exactly he created this position. He could be the monarch, but he understood, that there was the need in something new, that can help to prevent the quarrels because of the power in the future. All people should give their voices for the leader they want to see on the president’s place. The president is chosen for a few years and after that people should select him again.
  12.  Unfortunately, he did not have his own children. He married with the widow and she had children from her first marriage. He was married at the age of 27 and his wife was very reach. It is known, that she liked to have a lot of new dresses and was very beautiful and clever.
  13.  His career was very successful. He was the major and after that the colonel and it was at the age of 23. He had a lot of useful skills and because of it, he was very successful.
  14. There is the interesting fact about his first love. He loved one girl, but she was married with his friend. He did not want to break their family, but he loved her during his life. Despite of the fact, that he got married with the other woman, he loved his first love.
  15.  When he was the child, he was very shy. His father died, when he was at the age of 11 years old. He had very complicated relationships with his mother and he was not very happy at that time. He had the dream in the childhood – he wanted to be the salesman. But his mother did not give him this opportunity.

To sum up, it is possible to say, that he was the great president of the USA, because he did a lot for his country. If this theme is very interesting for you, it is possible to order George Washington university essay on our site. You can be sure, that you will get the high quality essay. It is possible to check the examples of our essays on our site.

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