Computer Essay: Is It Your Friend Or Not?


Today, we cannot imagine our life without the computer. It seems that we have them everywhere: at the working place, at home. Our children were born in the world, where the computer is the usual thing like the bus, mobile phone or something like that. The detailed information you can get ordering the life without computers essay. Our essay writers will be glad to help you. Our children have now everything, which we even could not dream about in our childhood. But a lot of people worry about the influence, which the computer has on their children. Is it safe?

The influence of the computer is in the fact, that it catches the attention of the children and they can spend a lot of time there. The negative influence of the computer you can get, if you do not follow the simple rules, which can help you to protect your health. Because of it, you should understand, that you will be responsible for the consequences, when you purchase the computer for your children. Only you can control how many hours they spend near the computer or which games they are playing.

Computer for the little children

If you have the little children, it seems, that they do not need a personal computer for school or something like that. It will be enough for them to spend some time at the computer of their parents. There are a lot of computer games for children, for example: they can paint, play with the puzzles. The older children can learn how to read or to count.

But it is better not to let your children to spend a lot of time playing different games. It is better to play with them in some games, which can develop their mind. The list of the useful games, which you can show to your children, is possible to order on our site in essay on computers. You can be sure, that you will be glad with the result, which you will be provided with from our team members.

The help of the computer at school

Do you know the fact, that if the children spend not too much time near the computer, they will develop the concentration of the attention, but if they spend a lot of time near the computer, the level of their attention will be very small. Also, it is needed to control the time, which your children spend near the computer in order to prevent some health problems, for example with the eyes.

The parents should see the great interest in it and to avoid the situations, where the parents want to relax from the hard working day and it is better for them to let their children to play in different computer games, then to play with them or to do something useful. It is needed to tell them the exact time, which your children can spend near the computer.

For example, the children till the age of 6 can spend up to 20 minutes per day near the computer. Also, it is better when they do it not every day. The children at the age of 7-8 can spend 30-40 minutes near the computer per day. And at the age of 9-11, they can spend 1-1,5 hours a day.

The computer can create a lot of health problems, but the biggest one can be connected with the eyes. Everyone knows the fact, that our eyes are connected with the brain and because of it the physical and psychological health will be affected too. It is recommended not to use a lot of bright colors for the picture on your computer, because it is harmful for your eyes.

Also, it will be great, if your children can do some special exercises for the eyes, which can protect them from the influence of the computer and also they will be able to relax their eyes. If you see, that your children are tired after spending some time near the computer, you should check if everything is ok with the working place.

How to create the correct working place for your children?

If you wish to get the benefits from the computer, it is needed to put them in the right place, that will be comfortable for your children. First of all, your children should get enough light, but you should remember, that it cannot be too bright. It is better to put the computer table near the window and your children will get enough natural light. It will be very useful for their eyes. The table, where your children will spend time, should be exact for them: it cannot be too large or too small. The monitor should be before your children and they should not change the position of the body to see it better.

The doctors recommend to clean the computer table every day and to have some plants in the room, where you have the computer. If you wish to get more advices, you can order the computer in education essay and you will get them.

If your children do not want to go from the computer

There are a lot of questions from the parents, whose children can spend even the whole day near the computer. It does not matter if they play different games or just watch some films or sit in the social networks. All these situations were created exactly by parents. If you have limited the time, which your children can spend near the computer, but later you let them do everything they wanted, the children can do as they wish.

If the teenagers spend a lot of time near the computer, it can mean, that there are some problems in the family. If your children cannot communicate with the members of your family, they do not have friends, they will compensate it by pending time in the computer. The detailed information you can find in the essay on communication. But if you are sure, that everything is ok with your family, then you just need to attract the attention of your children with something new. For example, you can find the new hobby, reading new books or sport.

If you wish to avoid any conflicts in your family because of the computer, you need to explain the situation to your children. You should explain about the negative impact, which the computer can have. You can be sure, that they will value your explanation.

To sum up, you should not be afraid of the negative influence of the computer. Just control the situation and you will see, that your children will get a lot of benefits. If they have the computer, they will get more information about the technique and they will try to explore the different programs. These skills will be very useful in the future and it is possible, that it will be their profession. If you wish to order an essay on computer, please place the order and our professional writers will provide you with it in the shortest time.

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