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Are you considering applying to college? Than this college essay sample is what you need to improve your composition skills. It is recommended that you review multiple college essay admission samples before you start writing your own. The sample essays for college, which you can find on Star-Writers blog, will teach you the basic structure and composition rules. In addition, reading such college essay samples can give you some topic ideas that would attract attention of college admission committee. Moreover, these articles will offer not only free sample essays for college, but also useful guidelines and writing techniques to make this task easier for you and results more effective. If you like the college essay samples on our website, you can order one to be custom written for you by our Star-Writers.

College Essay Writing Guidelines

Applying to college is one of the most crucial steps in person’s life. That is why it is so important for your essay to be the best possible representation of you and to get you the attention you deserve. To increase your chances of being accepted we recommend you to follow these college essay writing guidelines:

  • Consider the topic. Some universities offer their own writing prompts, some of which are very controversial and some are downright weird. But most of colleges also give you an opportunity to choose your own topic. When you consider choosing your own topic, make sure it is not another trivial subjects like the ones you have discussed million times in high school. Better if your topic is peculiar and controversial, this way you will have more chances to attract attention to your personality and original worldview. You can also borrow some ideas from the popular topics category on our blog;
  • Follow the structure. College admission essays belong to academic papers, therefore it is crucial to follow the proper structure and organization. You will always be right if you use a classic five paragraph structure. Moreover, don’t forget that each paragraph of your essay also must contain necessary structural elements, such as thesis sentence, supporting ideas and concluding and transition sentence;
  • Flawless editing. It is impossible to stress enough how crucial proper editing is for this type of essay. If there are grammar or punctuation mistakes in your paper, the college admission committee would with light heart cross you out from the list of applicants. An essay with mistakes suggests careless attitude and disregard to the readers. So when it is a time to submit your application essay, consider using professional editing services. Star-Writers can offer you their expertly assistance in this matter and in any other matter connected with academic writing.

Free Admission Essay Sample

Writing prompt: Describe an event that influenced your transition from childhood to adulthood.

As a child I used to believe that adulthood comes at you unexpectedly. I thought that one night I would go to bed as myself and next morning wake up an adult man like my father. I kept asking my parents when they grew up. I wanted to know when I should expect it to happen to me, because it was an event I was eagerly looking forward to. However, none of my parents could give me an answer that would satisfy me. They said it happened without you noticing it. With time I forgot dreaming about adulthood and was engrossed in my teenage troubles, which seemed way more global at the moment. Nevertheless, once I experienced an emotional event that helped me to realize that I was not a child anymore. And that feeling was elating and frightening at the same time.

In high school I went abroad as an exchange student. It was my first time in a different country, and hot and expressive Spain seemed like the whole different universe to me. I was exciting to be so far away from my family. Our curators gave us plenty of free time and independence. This new freedom was almost dizzying and we desperately looked for ways to establish our new status. Most of us stayed out nights long drinking sweet Spanish wine and fooling around. Despite our feeling like independent adults, we still just acted like children who got out of control of their parents and demonstrated it to everybody around. However, that was not the experience that made me feel my approaching adulthood.

On one of the weekends, my roommate and I decided to see more of the real country and to travel out of the city. We rented two bikes, took a long bus ride and then biked for another few hours into the depth of Spanish countryside. When we got to the forest area, my friend suddenly fell down from his bike. It did not seem like a big fall at first, but as it turned out my friend broke his leg. He couldn’t walk or bike and his leg was rapidly swelling and turning blue. He was in a lot of pain and was not able to think straight or react adequately. His wellbeing was unexpectedly in my hands. 

We realized how careless we were to attempt that trip without planning it properly. We did not have any first aid medicine or bandages with us. Our cellphones were out of reach in this remote wilderness. My friend felt very bad and fainted from pain a couple of times. I felt really scared and helpless then. I realized that his life depended on the decisions I made right then, because he was not able to take care of himself. I think that was the moment I felt what adulthood meant. It was full responsibility for your own life and for the life of another person. I decided to abandon one of our bikes there in the forest. I knew it would cost us a lot of money, but I could not carry him and our two bikes at once. Instead, I drove my friend on the back seat of my bike to the closest village, where I knocked on the first door asking some old man on my broken Spanish to call an ambulance. As it turned out the man did not own a phone, so I had to run to another house and then biking my friend for another few kilometers to the nearest highway to meet the ambulance car.

Luckily, this story had a happy ending. My friend got a qualified medical help at the right moment. We got into big troubles in school and with bike rent, but it felt like a minor pain after what we had experienced. I returned home feeling different, more serious and responsible. The sense of adulthood gave me mixed feelings, because it was frightening and exciting at once. The responsibility that came with adulthood, was scary, but also thrilling, because it meat you owned your life fully and was free to make your own decisions.

Affordable College Admission Essay

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