Check The Detective With Edgar Allan Poe Essay


It seems, that not all people know, that exactly Edgar Poe discovered the detective in the literature. Because of this fact, he became the most popular writer and poet in the USA. His life was not very long, but you can see, that he had a lot of different events there.

Edgar was born in Boston in 1809. He lived in the family of the actors, but they died in the accident when he was only two years old. The other family adopted the boy. He liked reading the books and this love was from the childhood. He loved his mother, but he had a lot of conflicts with his father and he hated him. If you wish to have more detailed information, you can place the order on our site and you will get Edgar Allan Poe essay topics. The academic writer from our team will be glad to provide you with this essay. Here you can find some short but at the same time very interesting facts from his life.

  1. It is possible to see a lot of films, where you will see the poems of Edgar Poe. Also, a lot of singers used his poems to create the songs.
  2. He placed the person, who wants to find the truth in the detective in the center of the story. It does not matter, which circumstances are, but the person plays a big role in the book.
  3. He was very interested in the theme about the money and soul of people. He showed, how people can change and because of it, he showed in his books the difference between good and bad things.
  4. When he died, no one knew the reason of his death, because it was very strange. But it is possible to check the three possible versions: the first one, that he was killed, because he was famous, the other one – because of the political reasons and the last one, but a lot of people believe, that it is the real one – he was just not in that place and not in that time.
  5. If you wish to know more information about private life, he lived with his first wife up to twelve years together. But after that they divorced. If you wish to know about the reasons, why people can divorce, please order the essay about divorce on our site.
  6. His first love was the mother of his friend. He felt in love at the age of 14 and that woman was 30 years old. But she was married and was just interested in his poems. When she died, Edgar was very sad, had a lot of different depressions, drunk alcohol and even wanted to die with her.
  7. Also, later, he wanted to marry with the other girl, but, unfortunately, the luck was not on his side this time. The parents of that girl and his parents were against the marriage. They did not let them to marry and the girl was married with the other boy. The detailed information about this fact you can find in the essays on Edgar Allan Poe.
  8. The interesting fact is, that before his death, he wanted to marry with one woman and even gave her the ring. But 10 days later he died. It is very strange fact and a lot of people think, that he was killed.
  9. When he was the student and even later he used drugs. He could drink a lot of alcohol, drugs and smoked a lot. If you have the desire to check all our examples of the essays, you can do it on our site.
  10.  When he was seventeen years old, he borrowed a lot of money. He spent money on alcohol, drugs and also he played cards. He played very well, but he also needed to give some money to different people. Here, in the Raven Edgar Allan Poe essay you can find all needed information.
  11.  He was the student, but he did not attend the lessons. His life consisted of the coffee in the morning, the alcohol in the afternoon and the drugs in the evening. He did not finish his study and because of it, he decided to be the soldier.
  12. He had the hobby. It was swimming. He really liked it and sometimes, if he wanted to relax and to forget the stress, he could swim a lot.
  13.  After his death, some people could say, that he really did not die and he was alive and they even spoke with them. But the other people are sure, that it was impossible, because all saw his body.
  14.  Before his death, he left the map, which was coded. But no one could find the key for this map and find the money, which he saved. But is does not seem to be the truth, because he was very poor and did not have a lot of money. It could be something like the joke.
  15. He liked to describe everything in the little details. A lot of the things, which are in the books, were taken from the private life and because of it, when you are reading these books, you will be able to get more information about his own life.
  16.  If you wish, you can visit the museum of the writer. But this museum is very poor and the only person works there. You do not have a lot of time, because the museum will be closed soon, because of it, if you wish to visit it, you should do it quickly.
  17.  The other legend is, that every year, some stranger is visiting his grave. A lot of people were interested about him, but everyone, who wanted to make the photos died. Because of it, people did not want to find the truth more.
  18. To sum up, he wrote 4 books of the poems and only 2 books of the novels. It seems to be not too much, but he was very famous.
  19.  The reason why he became the soldier was his need in the money. He wanted to publish his first book and because of it, he needed to have some money to do it.
  20. In 1826 he had the quarrel with his father and he left the house. He did not have money and he started to write the poems. Also, when his father died, he did not leave him money.

He was a very famous person, but it was very difficult for him to live in the world, where no one understood him a lot. Because of it, he used the drugs, alcohol and had the other bad habits. But with all these facts, he opened the detective for people and wrote a lot of interesting books. The detailed information you can find in the Edgar Allan Poe essays, which our writers will be glad to provide you with.

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