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The quality of content makes all the difference in the success of your content marketing. Get fresh and relevant SEO copies that will help your business grow.

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The success of your content marketing depends on three components: high quality of content, timely publishing and SEO optimization. We will produce the right amount of content for your business, meeting the highest expectations and helping you pursue the commercial goals.

  • Assistance with content plan creation

    Our in-house marketer will develop the content strategy that works best for your current goal. We will determine the most effective content types and channels of distribution.

  • The process made easy

    No need to look up for freelancers and stress over the process. We curate the content writing, editing and quality assurance process to make the collaboration simple for you. Give an instruction, pay and get your piece done on time.

  • Original high-quality writing

    Search engines love original content, and so do your human visitors. Your content maker does in-depth research to provide you with informative, valuable and unique pieces. Quality writing is the key to visitor retention and higher search engine rankings.

  • We make it SEO-friendly

    To rank over the competitors in search engines, the content you share should be keyword-enriched and optimized. We will write your blog, social media post or power page in accordance with the working SEO practices.

To rank over the competitors in search engines, the content you share should be keyword-enriched and optimized. We will write your blog, social media post or power page in accordance with the working SEO practices.

Why buy content for websites?

According to the statistic, 92% of companies view content as a business asset. Indeed, the number of options for using the content for business growth is limitless. A blog that entertains and brings value helps establish the expertise and influence of your brand. Catchy, unique product descriptions push your website above the fold and directly influence the buyer’s decision. The compelling landing page converts more visitors and calls to action. Email newsletters build your brand loyalty and keep your pool of subscribers engaged. All the above goals are reachable only through a well-research and engaging copy.

Working with a copywriting agency helps you soar above the competitors without much effort. Contact us to discuss which content writing solutions we can offer.

  • DIY approach no longer works if you are after long-term positive ROI. We staff experienced content creators with advanced writing skills and a passion for web writing. Through years of experience, we’ve identified what works best in the content world, and are ready to leverage this knowledge and help your business succeed.

  • Your target audience is literally drowning in the world of text and multimedia content. To keep your prospects engaged, regular posting of quality content is a must. With buying publication-ready pieces, it’s never been so easy to stick to your content calendar and keep your readers returning for more.

  • How-to’s and tutorials work great. However, sharing nothing but these two types of articles is the surefire way to bore your audience. The copywriting agency can hit the sweet spot between the promotional, helpful and entertaining content. Ultimate guides, checklists, promo articles, quizzes, inforgraphics are just a few examples of what we can produce for you.

  • People gladly share the content they’ve enjoyed. By posting content that brings value, you encourage the subscribers to spread the word about your business. This leads to increased brand awareness and social proof.

  • We are a full-cycle website content agency and assist with any type of content you can think of. Our specialists write landing pages, product descriptions, blog posts, newsletters, social media writing, slogans, white papers, etc. The large pool of writers allows us to execute the project of any complexity and scale.

  • Hiring an external copywriter is the easiest way to get your content tasks done without any pitfalls. The writer will gather content requirements and ask the necessary questions about your business. That’s it. In the agreed time, you’ll receive the copy ready for publication.

The types of web content we help with

It’s not a secret that search engines penalize websites for poor, shallow writing, keyword staffing, black SEO and a multitude of other reasons. The only way to get ranked higher is to write for humans only and author quality pieces.

Have no time to develop original and informative content? Want to fully concentrate on the top priority business tasks? Delegate your content assignments to professionals. Here are just a few examples of content types we create:

  • Landing pages

    a landing page is the first point of contact with your prospects. Compelling, persuasive writing that speaks to their needs will help convert more visitors. A pro copywriter will outline the key selling points and advantages of your business, ending with a compelling call to action.

  • Blog posts

    business blogging is intended to drive traffic to your site, grow brand awareness and attract more prospects. However, it’s only original, informative and relevant articles that can promote your company online. We will match you with an in-house blogger specializing in your niche for a flawless result.

  • Email newsletters

    email subscriptions remain an effective way to retain your clients and keep the subscribers updated about your discounts, news and special offers. It should be brief, to-the-point and bring value to the recipients, otherwise it’s likely to hit the spam folder. Our writing wizards will provide you with timely newsletters quick on the trigger.

  • Social media posts

    reposting your blog entries are not sufficient to promote your business on social media. You’ll need compelling, concise copies that evoke emotions and encourage social sharing. The great content is the cornerstone of your success, and our writers will incorporate the best practices of writing for social media to make a lasting effect on your band popularity.

  • Product descriptions

    copying and pasting the manufacturer’s description will damage your ranking. On the other hand, unique descriptions that connect with your ideal buyer and speak to their needs will promote your products or services online. We can provide you with one-of-the-kind descriptions that will leave the visitors excited.

  • eBooks

    publishing eBooks that educate your target audience or give them comprehensive information about your products or services is a great way to grow your email list. Moreover, it’s a great way to establish expertise and increase trust in your brand. Our expert will create a well-researched, content-rich eBook that will serve your marketing purposes in the long run.

  • Product reviews

    97% of people read reviews of local businesses. Honest, in-depth, informative reviews of your product or service can dramatically grow the awareness about your brand and encourage the prospects to make a purchase. Contact us for engaging and informative reviews that make a lasting positive impression on your website visitors.

  • Slogan writing

    oftentimes, it only takes a memorable, catchy slogan to get your business noticed. To make the first impression about of company count, rely on professional help. We will condense your core value proposition into the short phrases that help you instantly stand out.

Our expertise works for your success

At Star Writers, we meticulously handpick the qualified professionals who are dedicated to promoting our clients’ businesses. We staff experienced copywriters, marketers, and designers who know their way about developing exceptional content that entertains, engages and sells. You can rest assured that the content you’ve ordered will be ready on time and meet or exceed your expectations.

Whether you need a few blog articles or the comprehensive website makeover, we’ve got you covered. To ensure your satisfaction, we guarantee unlimited revisions. The writer will take your suggestions into account and work on your copy until you are satisfied. We also guarantee the timely delivery of your content or money back.


  • Best practices in copywriting. Our content makers stay updated on what’s trending in the content world, and use the most efficient writing techniques that boost your site’s visibility.
  • 100% unique writing. Plagiarism harms your search engine rating. Each piece we produce is absolutely custom. We check the articles using a premium plagiarism detector to ensure originality.
  • Ongoing support. We are always in touch – including late nights and weekends. Thus, feel comfortable to discuss your project or enquire about the order status anytime.
  • Writing for SEO. Writing for human readers is our priority. Yet, we also add the right amount of keywords and use other techniques to make the writing SEO-friendly. We optimize all pieces without any extra fee.
  • Analysis and metrics. We start writing by figuring out what works in your niche, assessing competitors, and analyzing metrics. This helps us create the content that ranks higher online.
  • Original multimedia content. The originality of text is a must, yet graphic images should be unique either. Our staff designer will accompany the posts with custom images or infographics to boost the visibility of your website.
  • Full confidentiality. Your sensitive data, as well as payment details, will remain secure and confidential. You’ll also be granted 100% of rights for the written content.
  • Fair price. You can calculate the price at the top of the page. We don’t apply any hidden fees. Moreover, as a first time user, you’ll get an additional 20% discount.