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Why buy SEO content for your blog?

Black hat SEO tactics no longer work for promoting your business online and pushing it higher in search engine results. Today’s algorithms value content written for human first – not overly optimized or keyword-stuffed. Yet, combining the creation of high-quality content with the use of modern SEO strategies can boost your online presence and help achieve your commercial goals.

Star Writer staffs experienced SEO copywriters and online marketers who keep their hands on the pulse of the ever-changing SEO techniques. Need a landing page copy, product descriptions, blog posts, or white papers? We will make it search engine friendly, helping your website rank higher and attract more visitors.

Our company offers an individual approach to handle all your content challenges. Do you have a content strategy and look for someone to execute it? We are here to provide you with SEO optimized pieces in line with your directions. Only considering launching your blog? We will develop a content plan, choose topics and content types and employ search engine strategies that will work best for your industry. Enjoy the increased number of visitors and more visibility at an affordable price.

5 reasons to hire a professional copywriter

Making your copy SEO friendly is much more than stuffing it with a bunch of keywords or trying to trick the search engine algorithms. Optimizing the piece means making it easier to read, relevant to user requests and improving the overall visitor experience. With over 9 years of copywriting expertise, we know the ins and outs of the creation of SEO friendly pieces. Here are just a few benefits from collaborating with a pro content writer:

  1. Satisfy the user intent

    People look up for the information that would answer their question, solve a problem or entertain. We deliver posts that address the specific needs of your prospects, creating positive site experience and building loyalty to your brand.

  2. Get more traffic

    Higher search engine rankings mean more relevant traffic to your blog and more potential clients. We identify the topics and content types that will resonate with your target buyers to attract and convert more visitors.

  3. Achieve timeliness in content distribution

    Updating your blog on a regular basis is important for SEO. If you don’t have an in-house online marketing team, you might struggle to upload fresh content regularly. Our content maker can provide you with a few new articles a week to keep your audience engaged.

  4. Content writing expertise

    If content development is not your daily job, writing effective SEO copies is time-consuming and discouraging. Why not entrust the content tasks to professionals who are experienced with SEO practices and will incorporate them into your content?

  5. Focus on growing your business

    If you are a director or business owner, don’t get distracted from your all-important tasks associated with managing operations and growing a business. Outsource the content development to professionals, and get high-quality pieces right on time.

Maximize your content marketing efficiency

According to the statistics, marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to see a positive ROI. Brands increasingly produce quality content to keep their audience engaged and place their website higher in search engine rankings. Moreover, customers expect brands to create and share relevant content, and they are more likely to trust such businesses.

At StarWriters, we combine the best practices in copywriting, storytelling, creative writing and SEO to author content that engages, promotes and sells. Get your content written by experts, and receive high-quality writing, search engine optimization and increased brand awareness.

High-quality writing above all

The internet is flooded by low-quality, superficial, cookie-cutter content. The principle “quantity above quality” no longer works. Now, people and search engines want well-researched, informative, helpful content that entertains or helps solve a problem.

Our experts are focused on authoring blog posts and content of superior quality. Flawless English, error-free writing and industry expertise are included. Moreover, we produce only 100% custom content. Your copy will be unique to the web which will help it rank higher.

Experienced content creators and marketers

The quality of your blog articles, website content or email newsletter depends heavily on who creates it. Freelancers might let you save, but the quality of work is difficult to predict, moreover, you take on all the risks.

On the contrary, our agency handpicks highly-qualified content writers who understand the principles of effective web writing and SEO. We staff professionals specializing in different industries, from IT, e-commerce and consulting to engineering, cryptocurrency and travel. Your content maker will pour years of writing excellence and industry expertise to push you ahead of the competition.

Easy to collaborate with your writer

Once you’ve placed an order, we match you with the writer who has the best skills for executing your project. You can communicate with them on an ongoing basis, discuss your expectations in further detail or ask for guidance. After you’ve received the final copy, you can send your feedback and get the piece improved as per your suggestions. According to our satisfaction guarantee, you’ll have two weeks of unlimited revisions. Moreover, our support team is online 24/7 for urgent queries.

What makes us different from other agencies?

Creating content that grows the visibility of your brand is our mission. Here’s what exactly what sets us apart from other SEO copywriting companies:

  • High quality standards

    Forget the low-end companies that work with third-world freelancers. We hire American and British content makers with degrees in Journalism, Marketing or related field. Moreover, we have an internal quality assurance department which ensures that the written copy fully meets your instruction.

  • You choose the deadline

    Unlike some content agencies, we won’t keep you waiting for an undefined time. We give you the chance to choose urgency that works for you, and we’ll deliver your content on time. If we fail to keep this promise, we’ll return your payment. It’s simple.

  • Pay per word basis

    Our pricing system is transparent – you pay for the number of words you need. No vague subscription plans or hidden payments. Also, you’ll owe 100% rights of each written piece.

Individual approach to each client

We believe that the situation of your business is unique, and so should be the approach to writing. Planning to make an update and need big volume of content? Contact us for a special discount. Only considering to launch a business blog and not sure where even to start? We’ll assist with competitor analysis and content plan development. Already have all copies written by your in-house copywriter and need to have them edited? Our in-house editor will help.

How we can help your website rank higher?

  • Competitor analysis and research

    we analyze which content types worked for other businesses in your field and which topics are trending. This helps us produce in-demand content which brings value to your prospects.

  • Mobile-friendly writing

    did you know that the smartphone traffic is estimated to increase by 10 times by 2022? We’ll optimize each copy for ease of reading on mobiles by making it scrollable, using short paragraphs and sentences.

  • SEO-friendly structure

    even the great copy might fail to attract more readers if it looks cluttered and disorganized. Your content creator will give the text the proper structure by tagging headlines, using lists and short paragraphs.

  • Selective use of keywords

    keyword staffing might result in a penalty, whereas no keywords at all lead to getting your article lost in the midst of similar articles. We’ll hit the ‘sweet spot’ with keywording – use keyword-rich phrases when they count most.

  • Developing killer headline

    you cannot underestimate the importance of headlines for attracting more readers through the search engines. We’ll come up with an intriguing title that evokes the interest of your target audience.

  • Customized visuals

    text alone is not enough for keeping the audience engaged. Our staff designer can assist with creating unique images and infographics that will allow you to get higher search engine ranking.

  • Regular content updates

    blogging won’t help generate more traffic and leads if you do it from time to time. Our assistants can provide you with fresh blog posts several times a week, retaining your audience and keeping your website fresh for search engines.

  • Cutting-edge SEO trends

    our content strategists and copywriters keep up-to-date with the most recent SEO practices. We incorporate only the freshest and most effective practices and trends to make your piece more visible on the web.

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Content which is not optimized for search engines is invisible for your prospects. Don’t miss the opportunity to rank above your competitors, get more traffic and sales. Whether you are a busy company owner or a marketer who doesn’t have a knack for writing, we got you covered. Get more visitors from search engines with the high-quality, SEO-friendly pieces produced by our copywriting expert. Still hesitating? Try us out. Get a welcoming 20% discount off your first purchase with us.