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Press releases are a powerful tool for increasing awareness and building the reputation of your brand. Establishing media presence across multiple online sources helps spark the interest of your target audience, spread the word about your business and attract more prospects.

Covering the upcoming events, new product launches, company news and milestones reached in media is the proven way to get your company in front of the large audience and bring new opportunities. Getting your company featured by the major news companies and industry magazines also works great for SEO purposes.

However, all these attractive benefits are only available if your press release is written in a professional manner and resonates with your target audience. To maximize the impact it makes on the occasional readers, consider working with a professional copywriter. In the era of information overload, amateur press releases fall short.

Our company staffs press release writers with background in journalism who understand how to make the reader stop and take notice. The professionally crafted press release will increase your website traffic, boost the credibility of your brand and drive sales.

Why get your press release done professionally?

Want to spread the word about your company across the influential industry website but don’t want to roll up your sleeves and learn the basics of journalism? Here are the top reasons to have an experienced content maker write it for you:

  • Don’t get distracted from running your business

    Unless you are an accomplished writer, composing a press release is a time-consuming, daunting task. Why not hire a professional who will take on your content tasks while you are focused on the critical aspects of your business?

  • Benefit from the expertise

    Experienced writers have the ability to translate your raw facts, stats and suggestions into a holistic copy. At the same time, they keep the copy engaging and reader-friendly so that more people will stop and take notice.

  • Boost your brand awareness across the online platforms

    Amateur press releases can’t get the news audience interested due to vague writing and lack of proper tone. On the other hand, the professional article keeps the reader’s attention thanks to informative, relevant and engaging content.

  • Increase website traffic

    The secret is simple: quality backlinks. Our SEO whizzes can subtly optimize your press release, helping it rank even higher in search engines. And the number of your business website will grow accordingly.

  • Affordable for any wallet

    Paying to a press release creator is a worthy investment. The price for a short piece is affordable even for small family businesses. Moreover, a well-written, polished copy generate more attention and trust to your brand than a DIY one.

Whether you sell homemade cakes, run a clothing boutique, offer financial and tax services or work as a college application consultant, publishing regular press releases can go a long way for your business. They work equally well for small local businesses, mid-sized companies and corporations.

Star Writers: How we work

Our mission is promoting the businesses of our clients through high-quality, SEO optimized and enticing content for sale. Having started as a tiny copywriting agency, we have evolved into a company offering multi-faceted writing services. Here’s how we develop attention-grabbing copies for your prospects:

  • Quality writing is the top priority

    Vague, poorly structured press releases have little chances of getting published and won’t get the target audience interested in your business. Our expert will provide you with a professionally structured, persuasively written press release copy. We staff writers with degrees in Journalism and English Literature, who know the best practices of writing for digital media and creating a compelling copy.

  • Consistency with your brand voice

    Your writing style and brand voice should be consistent throughout all channels of communication. It helps shape the holistic image of your business. Thus, the press release should maintain the same tone of voice as other types of content you issue: blog posts, email newsletters, and social media entries. Our copywriting wizard will prepare your press release in line with other types of content.

  • 100% custom, original writing

    The uniqueness of content is a must to get your company noticed amongst your competitors. Our team offers only, original, custom press releases. Each copy will be written by our content maker from scratch, taking into account the peculiarities of your business, your goals and the type of the news you’re sharing. To prove the originality of your piece, we’ll attach a plagiarism report from the premium software.

  • SEO-friendly press release

    Since online press releases serve SEO purposes as well, we want to strengthen this effect and optimize the press release text for search engines using keywords. Our strategy is writing for human first, and adding a few finishing touches to bring you higher search engine ranking. As a result, you’ll receive quality backlinks, increased traffic and more online visibility.

  • Grammatically correct, impeccable writing

    Grammar, stylistic and syntax mistakes are no good in any type of web content. However, in the news website, they are absolutely not tolerated. Our PhD editor checks each copy before it is delivered to you to ensure it’s written in perfect English and is free from all sorts of errors. Thus, nothing will prevent you from making a professional impression on your target audience.

Stay on budget with cheap press release agency

Many online companies will charge you over $500 per press release which is a bit steep for any business. On the other hand, dealing with a low-end content mill or a freelance writer will write it for a song, but the low quality of writing won’t promote your business.

Star Writers team delivers quality written press-releases for any industry at a very competitive fee. With us, you pay for the number of words, no extra charges are applied. And since in most cases a press release is approximately 400 words in length, the economy is sufficient. At the same time, our internal quality assurance professionals ensure the high quality of writing and adherence with all your requirements.

Our process

At StarWriters, we realize that a good press release’s priority is to inform or entertain the reader, not to promote your business. Media requires the content which can interest their audience, and if they find the article engaging, chances are they’ll be willing to learn more about your company.

Good story is a priority. Any press release should read as a holistic story, not a dry compilation of the facts about your company. Our writer will present the news or announcement you want to present in the form of an absorbing story that brings value to your target customers.

Interesting, not promotional. Are you a retailer of eco products? Then, the article about the benefits of healthy, eco-friendly goods will be of interest for your target buyer. Tech startup here? Share the history of how your company was launched or how many visitors have downloaded your app. Tell us about the key details, and we will turn it into a groundbreaking press release.

The catchy header is a must. When you see an intriguing title in an online magazine, you click on it without hesitation, don’t you? This rule works with press releases as well. Our creative copywriter will work out a compelling headline to draw more attention and traffic.

Focused and informative content. The purpose of your article is to present one main news to the audience. For instance, if your brand participates in the charity community event, we’ll make it the central theme of the text. Moreover, we’ll link your brand to the community, introducing you to the local prospects who haven’t heard about you before.

Recommend the springboard for your piece. If you ran out of ideas for the next publication, our writing wizards will recommend newsworthy suggestions. Did you hire a new executive director? Planning to speak at the conference on waste reduction or technology integration? Both are good ideas for a press release.

Detail-driven approach. Media requires spotless writing and accuracy of facts, and our staff author will stick to these requirements. The writer will check facts, edit to ensure error-free writing, and apply the formatting as per your requirements. Thanks to the exceptional quality of writing, there’s every chance that your piece will be accepted.

Our advantages

Our organization has years of experience writing various types of web content: landing pages, infographics, white papers, press releases, and more. With the talent and expertise of our content makers, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with the content we’ll create for you:

  • Content authors specializing in multiple fields, including technology, manufacturing, finance, retail, and more
  • Quick turnaround time – get a fresh copy of your press release the next day
  • Cooperation with your writer – message them anytime to discuss the project in detail
  • Guarantee of satisfaction – we offer 2 weeks of unlimited revisions so that you could request the amendments until you’re happy with the final copy
  • Timely delivery – we will deliver your content on time, or refund your payment
  • 24/7 support – get your technical or order-related issues resolved in real time by our prompt and friendly customer support rep
  • Custom images and inforgraphics – accompany the written piece with SEO-friendly, unique images and graphics
  • 100% confidentiality guarantee – your personal details, details of your order and other data you share with us remain strictly confidential

Take your marketing efforts to the next level

78% of internet marketers use press releases in their content strategy. Featuring your company on the news or industry magazine is a powerful tool for boosting the traffic, increasing the awareness of your company and attracting more prospects. Explore the benefits of effective PR writing and get an additional 20% discount off your first order with us.