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According to the statistic, content marketing gets three times more leads than paid advertising. 84% of people expect brands to create content that offers solutions and entertains. With this in mind, neglecting content marketing completely or executing it poorly can be pretty costly for your business.

Today, it’s only the high-quality content that has the chance to get noticed and affect your brand recognition and traffic. Poorly written blog posts and weak landing pages no longer make the cut. To get the content that maximally serves your goals, engages the readers and increases your search engine positions, consider working with a content marketing pro.

At, we are focused on the creation of top-notch website content of any kind that reflects your brand voice, brings value to your prospects, and impacts your commercial goals. We will vigorously execute your content marketing project or help you set up a content strategy if you don’t have one yet.

100% originality of writing is a must if you want to be pushed higher in search result and grow your business online. We will connect you with a content maker specializing in your niche to create unique content, right on time and in line with your expectations.

Why assign content marketing to professionals?

Content marketing can make a huge difference to the growth of your business. By speaking to the needs of your prospects and bringing them value through the multitude of content form, you increase the visibility of your website and lay the foundation for the customer loyalty. Here’s how cooperating with a content marketing agency can help you succeed:

  • Benefit from the industry expertise

    Copywriting agencies understand the expectations of your target audience and know what content types work best for your niche. And the writer specializing in your niche can provide better, more targeted content that speaks right to your audience’s needs.

  • Maximize your visibility through high-quality articles

    Fluffy, short, generic articles won’t help you build trust with your prospects nor will they influence your web rankings. Through deeply researched, informative writing, we keep your pool of readers engaged and help you get better search engine rankings.

  • Ensure the flow of quality, relevant content

    Effective content marketing requires taking regular effort to keep the attention of your target audience. Posting from time to time won’t help you make the cut. In this regard, outsourcing blogging or social media posting to professional content creators is the easiest way to grow your web presence and engage visitors.

  • Better SEO

    Although the content you post isn’t solely promotional, it still has to be optimized for search engines so that more people could find you. By optimizing the written pieces, we help them rank higher in search results.

Get expert help with all content types

  • Blog posts

    need informative guides, news or How-to’s, want to tell the story of how your brand was created or want to entertain your visitors with catchy quizzes and posts? Say no more. We will execute your vision, creating catchy blog articles that serve your goals. We can also research your prospects and competition to determine topics and tone of voice that will work for them.

  • Social media posts

    writing for various social media has its principles and rules, and reposting of blog articles only won’t help you get noticed. Our experts can develop catchy content for social media specifically, using emoji, surveys, and pictures to spread your message to a larger audience.

  • Email newsletters

    don’t overlook email subscription as a method to keep your prospects informed about the news, events or special offers. We’ll develop the attention-grabbing newsletters that get opened and read, keeping the copy concise and up-to-the-point.

  • Infographics

    people are visual creatures. Hence, creating and distributing visual content can boost the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign. Our staff designers and marketers can develop relevant, highly informative infographics that will help your brand to get noticed in a content noise.

  • eBooks

    want to establish the subject matter expertise and give your readers food for thought? EBooks work excellently for building trust with your prospects, and downloadable content-rich books help increase their loyalty. Reach out to our content wizards for an informative eBook that promotes the trustworthiness of your brand.

  • Other content types

    need landing page that converts, compelling product descriptions or reviews of your product and service? Say no more. We can prepare any type of copy you can think of, sticking to the recent trends in web promotion and our high standards of quality.

Why choose us over other content marketing firms?

The team of Star Writers provides first-class content marketing assistance to businesses and individuals. Here’s what makes us your best choice:

Content marketing projects of any scale

Do you need a few How-To blog posts written according to your corporate guidelines? Or maybe, you want to launch a multi-channel marketing campaign that requires extensive blogging and social media posting? We can help. Whether you need plain content creation according to your guidelines or need a content marketing consultation first, contact us.

In addition to content creation help, we can develop a content plan, pick the right keywords, and choose topics that work best with your target clients. Our staff designers can create unique images and infographic that will improve your search engine positions.

Superior writing quality

We work with experienced American and British copywriters who specialize in various niches. This shortens the learning curve and helps produce informative, highly relevant and well-written content that engages your visitors. We adjust to the tone of voice of your brand and make the copy easier and convenient to read. Our awareness of the recent content marketing techniques as well as the internal quality control system helps us consistently deliver quality.

100% original, authentic writing

It’s only original content that can impact your search engine rankings as well as the number of visitors and leads. Our content makers create only custom pieces based on your instructions and expectations. We’ll find a unique angle for writing your piece, making it enticing for your potential clients to keep them returning for more. Search engines also prefer original content and push it higher in search results. Each copy is checked by the premium plagiarism software to exclude occasional plagiarism.

Smooth and easy cooperation

We realize that you are busy overseeing the crucial aspects of your business. Thus, we’ve made the process convenient and simple. All you need to do is to provide your writer with detailed directions for your project, and stay in touch with them in case any questions arise. Our support agent is online round the clock to answer your questions and resolve any queries.

Cost-effective content marketing

Unlike other copywriting agencies, we offer content on pay-per-word basis. Forget the sophisticated subscription plans – pay only for the number of words you need. Discounts are applicable for large orders. Moreover, you can rest assured that you’ll get the quality you’ve paid. According to our satisfaction guarantee, you can request unlimited revisions until you are happy with the final copy, within 2 weeks since the delivery date.

Timeliness in content creation

New content should be created and distributed regularly, otherwise, your audience will go somewhere else. Updating content regularly is good for search engines either. On the flip side, it’s hard to achieve consistency if you are creating content on your own. Our services let you choose the deadline for your project so that you never lag behind your content calendar. We guarantee timely delivery of your order, or we’ll refund your payment.

SEO-friendly writing

Forget the mechanical writing for search engines. Today’s SEO rules require writing for humans in the first place, and we stick to this approach. We are focused on the creation of content that brings value or entertains, speaking the language of your target audience. At the same time, we will insert a number of high-impact keywords and optimize the article structure to help it get ranked higher in the top search engines.

Copyediting and proofreading

Already got plenty of ready articles but they don’t seem to bring traffic and leads? Contact us for a content rewriting service. The writer will improve the crucial elements of your writing, making it more engaging and effective.

Customers don’t trust brands who publish content full of grammar errors. Our PhD editor can also review your copy prior to publication to improve flow, logic, syntax, and fix any grammar issues. Thus, no minor mistakes will distract the reader from your message.

Fuel your content marketing success with pro help

The success of your content marketing depends on the quality and style of writing. Only high-quality, informative, well-researched articles can bring more traffic, attract prospects and help reach your commercial goals. Our specialists know ins and outs of content marketing and will help develop content that distinguishes you from the competition, reflects your brand’s voice and speaks to your target audience’s needs. Place your first order with a 20% discount and get the text that educates, entertains and converts.