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Why outsource copywriting to professionals?

Content marketing, if executed right, boosts the online visibility of your brand, increases traffic and drives sales. However, given the fierce competition, only the high-quality content counts. It’s only the well-written, properly researched and engaging copies that can foster your online visibility. And the easiest way to launch a stellar content marketing campaign that will bring you desired results is to use professional help.

Our savvy content creators create a multitude of content types, for any niche. Absorbing blog posts, selling landing pages and social posts that ignite interest will keep your audience engaged and returning for more. SEO-friendly writing will promote your website in search engines, generating more traffic. And highly-informative content that speaks directly to the needs of your prospects will build trust and generate sales.

Collaborating with a seasoned content maker also saves your time and energy dramatically. Now, you can fully concentrate on executing your strategic business tasks while vigorous copywriters take care of the content tasks. We will match you with the writer who excels in developing content for your niche, which shortens the learning curve and guarantees quality result on time. Try now with a 20% discount. It’s safe, easy, and risk-free.

7 things to know before hiring content writers

84% of people expect brands to produce content. This statistic alone illustrates the superior importance of a good copy for growing your traffic, audience, and sales. However, to make the writing process run smoothly and to get the result that exceeds your expectations, you need to have a few points clarified first. You might need to schedule a meeting with other key members of your team. Here’s what you need to consider before outsourcing the task to a content creator:

Provide your writer with background information

Whether you are after a series of blog posts, social media entries or web content, the more writer knows about your business, the better quality of content they’ll be able to produce. So, tell them about the company, target audience, your advantages over the competitors, and unique selling proposition. If it’s a long-term project, hand them the company’s brochures and marketing plan as well. This will allow the copywriter to maintain the right tone of voice and promote your business effectively.

Define your marketing goals

Before hiring a content author, understand what you try to accomplish through the content. For instance, you want to start posting to the blog. What do you expect the readers to do – subscribe for your newsletter, share posts on Facebook, or proceed to purchase? Or maybe, your primary goal is to get higher SEO ranking? Depending on the purpose, we will use different writing styles and approaches. Defining these issues beforehand will save you time on revisions and allow to receive the piece that efficiently serves your goal.

Be realistic about the price

Some beginning freelancers might be ready to write your landing page per $10. However, needless to say that low quality of writing won’t help you increase the traffic and awareness of your business. If the price seems unrealistically low, it’s better to stay away from such service provider. On the other hand, certain copywriters might apply the exorbitant fees for simple blog posts. At Star Writers, we keep prices affordable due to operating only online and maintain the high quality of writing thanks to internal quality control system.

Find out about revisions and guarantees

When choosing a copywriting agency, learn the way you’ll be collaborating with your writer. Since this person will represent the voice of your company in digital media, you want the collaboration process to run smoothly. It’s also helpful to find out on which terms they revise the initial copies, and if the number of revisions is limited. In our company, you can talk directly to your copywriter anytime and discuss your project in deeper detail. We also guarantee the satisfaction and do unlimited revisions until you are happy with the result.

Set the reasonable time frame

Although our organization offers 24-hour delivery, it’s reasonable to allocate more time for content development. Since you understand your prospects better than an external professional, you might need a number of revisions to receive a stunning copy, and that is okay. Moreover, buying content early is cost-effective. Are you only planning on launching the website? For better user experience, the copy should dictate design, not the opposite. So, it’s better to get your content done in advance and then forward it to a UX-designer.

Think about your content marketing strategy

Blogging for business starts with defining a strategy and drafting a content plan. If you already have a plan at hand, all it takes is to communicate it to the writer and then polish the copies they deliver. If you don’t, work out the plan first. Otherwise, your content marketing efforts won’t bring the desired results. By the way, our company staffs in-house marketers and SEO specialists who can help develop the content plan in line with your marketing and commercial goals.

Seek the writer specializing in your industry and content type

Each copywriter has their strengths and areas of specialization. Some are adept at writing for retail and beauty industry, whereas others specialize in writing complex eBooks for business management and IT. Similarly, some copywriters create landing pages and slogans that sell, and others thrive while writing social media and blog posts. Find out if the writer has expertise in your field and with your desired type of content before hiring them. By the way, our company has a large pool of diverse writers who can take on the content task of any complexity.

Why freelance website is not the best idea

When you don’t have an in-house copywriter, hiring someone through the freelance board might sound a sensible idea. However, this strategy has its downsides. Firstly, freelancers don’t always stick to deadlines, and you don’t want to miss publication dates in your schedule. Secondly, you cannot predict the quality of writing even if they have positive reviews. takes on all your risks associated with hiring an external copywriter. We let you choose deadline, and guarantee that you’ll receive a copy on time. And thanks to the internal quality assurance system, we ensure that the quality of writing will meet your expectations. Thus, you receive high-quality, publication-ready content without any risks.

Why entrust content writing to us?

We understand the importance of compelling landing pages and blog posts for growing your business online. That’s why we vet the writers carefully and only hire the best to work with us. Our in-house copywriters have degrees in English Literature, Marketing, Journalism and related fields. Thanks to the advanced writing and SEO skills of our writing wizards, we can produce the piece of any complexity for your business.

Save time and effort

Hiring a copywriting agency will save you tons of time and effort on marketing. Get the steady flow of content written according to your directions, right on time. Don’t get distracted from game-changing tasks of hiring staff, executing strategic plans and growing your business.

We have a personalized approach to each client. If you have corporate writing guidelines and tone of voice associated with your brand, we will produce content in line with your expectations. Don’t have a content plan yet? Our marketer will help develop an efficient content calendar and choose high-impact post topics. To fully experience the benefits of professional content maker services, get an extra 20% off your first order.

100% plagiarism-free writing

Search engines value original content without any issues of plagiarism. Your human readers want unique writing they won’t find anywhere else. Our content experts produce only original content, written under the unique angle, growing the traffic to your website and boosting your online presence. We also check each piece before sending to you to prove it’s completely unique to web.

Meticulous SEO optimization

You can’t increase the website ranking and traffic without leveraging modern search engines optimization techniques. Our experts will do a competitor research, pick high-impact keywords and make your piece more SEO-friendly in general. We will also create unique pictures, inforgraphics, and charts to improve your rankings. Thus, the visibility of your business for both humans and search engines will increase.

Full confidentiality

Your sensitive information, as well as the details of order, will remain confidential. You’ll also be granted full rights for the written work.

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